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10 Effective Tactics To Increase Dopamine in Your Brain

At these days of hurry and everyday’s rush we all want to be more focused, more motivated and of course happier.
Increased dopamine level will help you to rich this emotional and psychical status.
So, it is very important to find a way to increase dopamine at our cells in order to be more efficient and more satisfied with the results of our actions.
Dopamine is a neurohormone that is released by the hypothalamus.
It is a neurotransmitter which is responsible for transmission of signals in the brain and other vital areas.
It controls pleasure and rewards centers at our brains. Dopamine also regulates motion actions and our emotional response.

This neurohormone is responsible for motivation and focus.

10 Awesome Advices How to Increase Dopamine Level

  1. Creativity

Increase your creativity and make something that will satisfy your art and esthetic needs. It is known that the artists as painters, musicians, poets etc usually are searching for their creativity mode. At those moments they are extremely inspired and it is a sign that dopamine started to work! The conclusion is that the creative work is increasing the dopamine level at our brain cells. Try it and feel the joy of natural inspiration.

  1. Organize And List Your Daily Activities

It is proved that noted and finished task lists are satisfying our need for order and avoiding chaos. Physical check of this list of finished jobs is giving us feeling of bigger pleasure with seeing what we have achieved.

  1. Meditation

This ancient method of training combined with exercise is very efficient to increase dopamine level at the brain. By meditation we are avoiding so called overthinking which is leading to compulsive actions. Healthy and free mind are essential for feeling of no pressure at our mental activities and meditation will help you to achieve this mind state very easy.

10 Effective Tactics To Increase Dopamine in Your Brain

  1. Avoid Any Kind of Addiction

Addictive behaviors as drugs, alcohol, extreme shopping etc are having opposite effect at our level of emotional fullness. Although they can bring short-time joy for longer period they are bringing negative effects at dopamine production.

  1. Listening Music

For sure you have noticed that your favorite song makes you feel good and you want to start singing or dancing. It is an effect of increased dopamine production caused by these good vibrations. It is very similar feeling as eating your favorite food. So, try some good music for your ears if you want to increase dopamine quantity into your brain cells.

  1. Keep Records of Your Activities – Streak Going

Visual reminder of your activities for some period will help you to get feeling of bigger satisfaction. In fact, it is very similar to your written daily check list and it will improve your mood. Checking the written report of your finished long-term activities will activate bigger dopamine production.

  1. Taking Dopamine Supplements

Many of previous mentioned methods are requiring some free time to be performed. Luckily there are some natural supplements which could increase dopamine level.

Curcumin is one of these supplements. It could be found in curry and turmeric.

L-theanine is boosting many neurotransmitters in our brain and one of them is of course is dopamine. It could be found at green tea at large quantities.

Ginkgo biloba is very popular supplement which is improving dopamine production and its longer circulation into brain cells.

Acetyl l-tyrosine is one of the main ingredients of dopamine. It helps the brain cells to produce more dopamine.

  1. Increasing of Tyrosine Input

As it was mentioned before tyrosine is essential for production of dopamine. It could be found bananas, beef, coffee, chocolate, green tea, eggs, almonds, milk, avocados, yogurt, watermelon etc.

  1. Detoxification

Detoxification is very important for supporting dopamine production. Endotoxins are constraining the production of dopamine. In order to remove endotoxins you should follow some good advices: good sleep, fermented food and avoid fatty and sweet food. Full detoxification is getting excellent results at dopamine production.

  1. More Exercise

Regular exercise will help you to release stress and to get better physical health. Increased productivity is increasing dopamine level. Except dopamine boosting you will achieve better production of other neurotransmitters as serotonin and endorphin.

Increase dopamine level in your brain! Find your favorite natural way and enjoy your active life!

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