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How These 10 Himalayan Salt Tricks Can Improve Your Life?!

Super fast, super easy Himalayan salt tricks – just with few grams of Himalayan salt:

1. Removing the Dead Skin Cells
While you are taking shower you should massage your body with Himalayan salt.
That way you will make exfoliation, detoxification and you will improve the blood circulation.
This salty trick can become one of your favorite beauty treatments.
2. Swollen Feet Treatment
Put your feet into the warm water.
Add some Himalayan salt into the water container.
Add some squeezed orange juice, too.
With this Himalayan salt trick, your feet will be rested again!

3. Cleaning the Oral Cavity

In order to have nice breath, you should make this Himalayan salt trick.

Himalayan Salt Trick No.3 - Cleaning the Oral Cavity

Mix the equal quantities of Himalayan salt and baking soda.

Add this mixture in one glass of water.

Rinse your oral cavity with the mixture. You will feel great!

4. Against Mosquitoes

Apply some water and Himalayan salt solution to the irritated skin. The irritation will disappear.

5. Efficient Cleaning

The equal quantities of Himalayan salt and baking soda should be dissolved into water.

Clean the bathroom with this mixture and after that wash it with cold water.

This Himalayan salt cleaning is more healthy and safety than any chemical cleaning that you can make in your home.

6. Detoxification

For this Himalayan salt trick you will need 125 gr of Himalayan salt.

That should be mixed with 1 spoon of Kaolin and some water.

Apply the mixture to your face and leave it there to dry well and after this treatment wash your face with water.

It will make excellent detoxification treatment to your face skin.

7. Perfect Hair Curls

This Himalayan Salt Trick has its beauty effect. Mix some Himalayan salt, some coconut oil and water.

Put the mixture into the spray.

Apply this spray at your wet hair. You’ll get great curls when your hair will become dry.

8. Skin Tonic against Acne

Prepare the mixture of the following ingredients: 1 spoon of Himalayan salt, 500 ml water and 1 spoon of apple cider vinegar.

Apply it to your face by tapping. Then wash your face and apply hydration cream. The acne will disappear very soon.

9. Treatment of Dry Feet Skin

Mix the Himalayan salt and corn flour with water.

Put your feet into the prepared mixture and massage them gently with it. Wash your feet with water.

Your skin will become smoother after few treatments.

10. Illuminate Your Nails

Himalayan Salt Trick No.10 - Illuminate Your Nails

Mix 1 spoon of lemon juice, 1 spoon of baking soda and 1 spoon of Himalayan salt with water.

Clean the nails’ surface with the mixture. Your nails will become illuminating and shiny.

We believe that more than 5 of these Himalayan salt tricks can become your daily health and beauty routine.

Stay healthy and let your beauty shine with the power of Himalayan salt!

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