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13 Benefits of Wheat and Barley Grass!

The Magical Mix of Wheat and Barley Grass: 13 Benefits About You Haven’t Heard Of!

The wheat grass maybe looks like normal grass, but it is the most powerful natural agents for detoxification together.
The same could be said about the barley grass.
Actually the quantity of just 28 gr of wheat grass has the equivalent nutrition value as more than 2 kg of leafy vegetables!
Those green leaves of barley are great protectors of our health and the sharpness of the wheat grass leaves will wake up the energy sharpness of your body.
These grasses are fighting at many ways and their acting spectrum is really wide.
The following 13 usages of mighty mix of wheat and barley grass will introduce you their benefits to your health. 

Benefit of Wheat and Barley Grass No.1 – Reducing Appetite

13 Benefits of Wheat and Barley Grass!

The wheat grass is so rich of nutrition ingredients so your body wouldn’t need more food to compensate any shortage of vitamins and minerals. Consuming the juice prepared of wheat and barley grass every morning before meals will give you enough energy and it can stop the over-eating.

No.2 – Stimulation of Blood Circulation

The wheat grass could increase the oxygen concentration into the blood which makes it great for stimulation of the blood circulation. Except you can consume the mix juice of these grasses you can use cotton to treat your face with it using cotton napkins around your face and neck in order your blood vessels to get wider and to insure the better blood circulation at the skin surface. Beta carotene of the barley grass and mono-acids of the wheat grass are all you need for nice and smooth skin. After treating your face you should wash it and dry it with gentle towel.

No.3 – Improved Digestion

The wheat grass is rich of vitamin B, so instead using antacids you should consume the mix of green grasses in order to use the vitamin B and mono-acids and the enzymes of the wheat grass. Mono-acids will good for speeding up the digestion and vitamins will create the protection shell which is great for improving the digestion. The wheat grass even cleans your intestines out of remaining waste substances and mucosa.

No.4 – Heal the Arthritis

The medical experts believe that the wheat grass is very efficient at processes of healing the arthritis. The chlorophyll is very good at these processes and it can be found at high quantities into the wheat and barley grass! The chlorophyll is also good against inflammations of the bone joints.

No.5 – Decreasing the Tiredness

When you get tired your body has weak immune system. The chlorophyll helps the supplying the cells with oxygen which is necessary for cells regeneration, body healing and decreasing the tiredness symptoms.

No.6 – Get Rid of Bad Breath and Bad Body Odor

The wheat grass is a natural deodorant and its regular consummation or consummation of the mixed grass juice could help you to get rid of bad smell by natural and healthy way. The barley grass contains enzymes which could eliminate the toxins at your mouth, your skin and your body at all. The wheat grass is natural body deodorant.

No.7 – Stopping the Dental Problems

Make the flushing at your mouth with juice prepared by wheat and barley grass for couple of minutes. That is the way to get rid of all toxins into your mouth and your teeth will be mineralized again. Try to do this every day.

No.8 – Cleaning the Liver

The wheatgrass is maybe the most known about its positive effects to the liver. Our liver is the place where the food is accepted by our body and it is the place of realizing the toxins. Detoxification is the main cure for the liver and that is what the wheat grass does the best!

No.9 – Normalizing the Glucose Level into the Blood

The barley grass improves the levels of the glucose and the lipids so it is a great tool at fighting the diabetes and stabilizing the level of glucose status at our body.

No.10 – Cleaning the Sinuses

Breathing the juice of wheat and barley grass through the nose helps to clean your sinuses by cleaning the toxins and by destruction of the mucus.

No.11 – Skin Revitalization

The wheat and barley grass has capacity to regenerate the skin cells and this is very useful for your skin tan. Use it regularly or apply the juice to your skin in order to get rid of acne, to get over the skin dryness or eczema and to cure the losing the skin coloring.

No.12 – Cancer Prevention

Due to its detoxification potential the wheat and barley grass are acting as purifiers of the blood and as agents of keeping it full of oxygen. They are helping also the status of the high level of red blood cells. The cancer could occur at areas poor of oxygen, so it is the main reason these grasses to be concluded as cancer prevention agents.

No.13 – Improving the Immunity

As the winter approaches you should stay away of every possible colds and flues and that you can reach by high immunity with great help of the barley and wheat grass. They will keep your body and mind strong and will make you immune against many diseases.

Knowing these benefits of wheat and barley grass and using this healthy mix can improve your health and it can save you from  many diseases.

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