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13 Healthy Drinks for Great Immunity and Shape Form!

These 13 Healthy Drinks Will Help You to Stay Healthy and in Top Form!
There are following 13 healthy drinks which you already have them or which are very easy to be prepared at your home kitchen in order to help yourself with your health problems.

Healthy Drink 1 – Green Tea and Grapefruit Juice for Weight-Loss!

Grapefruit Juice

Green tea is proven in process of detoxification.  And grapefruit has the similar abilities. These are not miraculous drinks which will make you slim over the night, but they are excellent for improving the metabolism. Combine them with gym exercises and balanced nutrition and you will get extra support at your weight-loss process.

Healthy Drink 2 – Cherry Juice before Long Jogging!

The fans of jogging know that the homemade cherry juice is their right choice. It effects as energetic drink and it is sugar free. This juice helps the muscle recovering after the hard jogging training.

Healthy Drink 2 - Cherry Juice

Healthy Drink 3 – Ginger Tea for Healthy Stomach!

Besides all other healthy benefits, the ginger has positive effect to the gastric mucosa and it helps to release of stomach nausea.

Healthy Drink 3 - Ginger Tea

Healthy Drink 4 – Turmeric Tea to Heal the Sore Throat!

If you have a sore throat it is most important to drink more and more liquids, because the dry throat is painful. The turmeric tea is a better choice because it makes the throat mucosa softer and gentler and that way you will feel less pain into your throat. Its ability to heal many kinds of diseases including the cancer is one more reason to make this healthy drink with turmeric!

Healthy Drink 4 - Turmeric Tea


Healthy Drink 5 – Coconut Milk to Heal the Mouth Ulcers!

The coconut milk is your ally at the battle with mouth infections. You can wash the mouth with it or you can simply drink it. And not to mention how tasty it is. 🙂

Healthy Drink 5 - Coconut Milk

Healthy Drink 6 – Aloe Vera Drink to Empty the Intestines!

Aloe Vera is an excellent laxative. It supports the function of the intestines and it makes them to release their content full of toxic material.

Healthy Drink 6 - Aloe Vera Drink

Healthy Drink 7 – Yogurt to Boost your Immunity!

Yogurt contains probiotic bacteria and that is the reason that the yogurt is considered as healthy food. It improves the immunity very much and also it contributes at stopping the inflammations and at destroying the infections.

Healthy Drink 7 - Yogurt

Healthy Drink 8 – Chamomile Tea for Better Sleep!

The chamomile tea is famous with its positive effect to the nerves and therefore it is very useful for getting better sleep. And if we have a good night sleep, our next day will  always be more effective and productive . But, it is very important this tea not to contain any sugar or other sweetener because it will keep you awake.

Healthy Drink 8 - Chamomile Tea

Healthy Drink 9 – Lemon Juice for more Energy and Detoxification!

Usually the lemon juice is recommended at states of colds and flu, but in the most cases it is already late for the best performances of this tasty juice. You should drink the lemon juice when you are healthy – the vitamin C will increase your energy level and it will contribute to the better protection of different diseases.

Healthy Drink 9 - Lemon Juice

Healthy Drink 10 – Banana Smoothie Against Hangover!

The water is the most needed drink at states of hangover. There is nothing else better to recover you of dehydration you already get. Banana i.e. banana smoothie will help that process of recovering with its’ most important ingredients: vitamin B and potassium.

Healthy Drink 10 - Banana Smoothie

Healthy Drink 11 – Water to Avoid the Bad Breath and Dehydration!

Dehydration is the best opportunity for some bacteria to grow and develop. Those bacteria are the main reason of bad breath. Water helps these symptoms to disappear since the rest drinks could worsen the situation because of their effects to pH value at our body.

Healthy Drink 11 - Water

Healthy Drink 12 – Baking Soda with Water to Avoid Bloating Stomach or even more to Prevent the Cancer!

One tablespoon of baking soda dissolved into glass of water could solve your bloating problems. Drinking the lemon juice in the mornings and consuming 1 tbsp baking soda mixed in one glass of water in the evenings is one of the most powerful ways to stay far away from cancer!

Healthy Drink 12 - Baking Soda with Water

Healthy Drink 13 – Pickles Juice for Muscle Relaxation!

This is not the tastiest drink of all, but it helps very much when you are suffering of muscle cramps. It helps some acids to be removed of your organism.

Healthy Drink 13 - Pickles Juice

“Happy thirteen” of these healthy drinks will make your days healthier and will help you to increase your needed energy for your daily obligations!

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