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15 The Most Important Reasons to Eat Celery Often

Celery – The Best Low-Calorie Super Food
Celery is one of the most popular and the most used vegetable around the world.
Very healthy and useful this plant could be consumed in any form – raw, cooked, fried etc.
At the same time this kind of vegetable is very often marked as calorie deficient food – reportedly it contains fewer calories than the quantity of calories needed this plant to be digested.
Also, it is known as one of the recent popular superfoods.
Originally planted at the Mediterranean Area, celery spread almost at every corner of the Earth and it became very popular among many nations at their nutrition tradition.

It is interesting to be noted that this is one of the rare plants which are eatable completely – from its root to its seeds.

The celery is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is a great source of potassium and folic acid.

To eat celery at regular basis means to have the natural input of these extra healthy substances at needed doses. It improves the body condition and it supports the healthy lifestyle in general.

Healthy Benefits of Your Habit to Eat Celery

Healthy Benefits for Your Heart and All Body of Your Habit to Eat Celery

  • Anti-inflammatory Support

One of the most effective celery’s ingredients is luteolin which is responsible for stopping inflammations, especially at the brain area. Other multiple anti-inflammatory factors are giving total support to your body to fight any inflammation.

  • Cholesterol Decrease

Eating celery is very helpful at fighting bad cholesterol. One of its substances helps the production of bile acids which are reducing the bad cholesterol. Two-three sticks of celery daily will release you of any danger to get high cholesterol results.

Celery has very strong property to flush gallstones and to fight the infections of the bladder. At the same time, celery is an excellent diuretic.

  • Regulation of Blood Pressure

Celery’s potassium is regulating the blood pressure and it is extremely important this process go without the need of any other medical support. Many vasodilatation medicines are containing celery extract.

  • Stress Eliminator

Magnesium which is contained at celery is helping your nerves to be much more relaxed. Eat celery for dinner and you will have excellent sleep.

As it was mentioned above celery is very low caloric food. One stick of celery contains 15-18 calories! Eating celery will give you mostly fibers and not calories. Fibers will make you feel fed and your desire for more food will disappear.

  • Anti-Cancer Substance

Already mentioned luteolin and polyacetylenes are helping your body to get rid of toxins. Together with substances called phthalides these celery ingredients are preventing cancer appearance, especially at women population.

  • Improvement of Eye Health

Consuming celery protects eyes by healthy properties of vitamin A which could be found at large quantities at this plant. For example, two celery sticks are satisfying the quarter of your daily needs of vitamin A.

  • Joints Health Treatment

Celery contains multiple substances which are helping treatment of arthritis and gout. Celery juice is usually recommended for natural treatment of these diseases.

  • Digestion Booster

Fibers are known as the best digestion boosters. They are contained at celery sticks in large quantities.

Antioxidants are most important in the process of slowing the aging process. Celery is rich in antioxidants at different kinds and together with vitamin C, E and A, they are keeping your body young and vital. Eat celery and enjoy the healthy life in your late years!

  • Natural Diuretic

Potassium and sodium are essential for liquids discharge of your body. Regulation of fluids at your body is highly important for your general health.

  • Libido Booster

Two substances contained into celery are very helpful for increasing of sexual desire. These substances known as androstenol and androstenone are actually steroids which could be found very rarely in plant and animal products.

The oral cavity inflammations and infections are very usual and often especially at people which are not taking enough care of their oral hygiene. Eat celery stick, chew it slowly and its extracts will help you to get rid of these boring infections at your oral cavity.

  • Reducing of Effects of Menstrual Symptoms

During menstrual period usually, women experience unpleasant symptoms as headaches, pains in stomach, bloating etc. Celery will help you to reduce these symptoms and you will feel much better during these days.

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