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20 Flavored Water Recipe Drinks to Flush Away Your Fat!

Your body needs certain quantity of water to be consumed daily.
But very often the quantity of water which we are drinking is not enough to satisfy our daily needs.
Many of us are fans of soda drinks or some other drinks which are flavored and tastier than the ordinary water, but unfortunately they are very unhealthy drinks. But there is a way to consume enough water without to be bored with its tasteless presence.

Commercial flavored water is a real danger to our health and it is strictly forbidden to be used if you want to keep your body at good healthy shape.

Amazing water recipe is to be reached easily using just a little bit creativity and time! And there is not only one, but there are many different aromas which will bring enjoyment and health to your organism.

All of them can really help to flush away the accumulated fast in your body and they will support the process of its detoxification.

20 Ways to Prepare Incredible Detox Water Recipe Fat Burners!

 1. Lavender Lemonade Water Recipe

In order to boost your immunity and to keep your organism strong and healthy it is recommended to consume lemons.

In combination with honey and dissolved at glass of natural water you will get extra fresh and healthy drink.

 2. Berry Lemon Water Recipe

Berries as addition to your lemonade will improve your metabolism and it will satisfy many of your daily needs of vitamins.

You will enjoy the berry lemonade and you will consume the water more than enough for coming hot days.

3. Raspberry Lime Water Recipe:

Raspberry Lime Water Recipe:

It is similar to the previous drink but you will need limes for its easy preparation. Beautiful color of this drink will increase your satisfaction.

 4. Tropical Fruits Water Recipe

For this drink you will need: pineapple, peach and mango. You can use them fresh or frozen, but the result will be the same: delicious detox drink. Water will absorb all the exotic aromas of the fruit.

 5. Cucumber and Herbs Water

Adding specific herbs as rosemary, mint or some other plant with strong aroma to water with slices of cucumber will give to the water really refreshing and nice taste. Cucumber slices and herbs will enrich the water with all aromatic experience all day long.

 6. Grapefruit Water Recipe

Add some grapefruit slices into the water and leave them there for couple of hours. Grapefruit will boost your metabolism and it will help you to improve your skin health.

 7. Grapefruit Mint Coconut Water Recipe:

Grapefruit Water Recipe

It is extraordinary and tasty natural flavored water. Just add some mints to the previous recipe for more freshness and stronger taste. Coconut is a rich in electrolytes and it will help you to get better substances absorption.

 8. Watermelon Basil Water

Adding some basil leaves you will get amazing freshness and watermelon will give you a sweet flavor to your daily routine.

 9. Ginger Pineapple Orange Water

Ginger will make nausea to disappear and that’s why this is favorite flavored water of pregnant women.  Pineapple and orange will make you feel fresh and smiley.

 10. Mango and Strawberry Flavored Water

It is another tropical and tasty flavor of your water. It will get many vitamins during a long summer days.

Mango and Strawberry Flavored Water

 11. Blackberry Sage Water Recipe:

Savory herbs are excellent choice for flavored water preparation. It is little bit milder taste, but the sweet blackberry will fulfill all your expectations. At the same time your water will receive many important nutritive agents.

 12. Rosemary Pomegranate Water Recipe

Find few more minutes to get out all beautiful red seeds out of your pomegranate. Add them to glass of water and put some rosemary. You will be surprised of explosion of taste and freshness and you will feel your cells with extra super nutritive and super healthy ingredients.

 13. Blueberry Lemon Water

Add some blueberries to your lemonade. Light purple water will become your favorite choice of healthy drink.

 14. Rosemary Orange Water Recipe

Extraordinary immune boosting drink! Above all it is delicious and easy to prepare. Once again you will experience the magic benefits of rosemary flavored with sweet natural orange.

 15. Cherry Lime Water:

Cherry Lime Water

In order to get stronger taste and flavor you can put cherries into blender for few seconds. Add the cherry juice to lime water and enjoy the sweet and sour taste of your water.

 16. Ginger Thyme Lemon Water Recipe

It is a perfect combination for anti-inflammatory support of your body. Thyme will make your drink special and unique and lemon will increase its freshness.

 17. Lemon Lime Water

It is very easy to be prepared, but you should try it with sparkling water. Every bubble will be filled with vitamin C and it will revitalize your body at daily basis.

 18. Watermelon Mint Lime Water

Watermelon Mint Lime Water

Add watermelon slice, put some mint leaves and squeeze the lime into your water bottle. Let the flavors spread into it. It is unforgettable enjoyment of water as you never experienced.

 19. Pineapple Mint Water Recipe:

Super food as pineapple is real treasure even when you are preparing flavored water. It will improve your digestion and it will boost your immunity. Mint is just a top of this natural water cookie.

 20. Lemon Mint Water Recipe

It is the last one of the mint recipes here. Natural sweetness of the mint and strong oxygenation of the lemon will refresh and revitalize every cell of your body. No sugar, no sweeteners – just pure natural enjoyment.

Lemon Mint Water Recipe

Make your water day more fun and healthier trying the water recipe with different ingredient every day! Amazing results will become visible very soon, especially these drinks will melt your belly fat  and you will have much fun at your fantasy game of preparation of flavored water.

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