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3 Colored Smoothie ‘Infusions’ that will Rid Your Body of Fats!

Our body is washing itself inside by the liquids we are consuming daily and this showering will be much more efficient if we treat our body with “infusion bottles” full of fresh minerals and vitamins instead of commercial juices.
Mix of specially chosen fruit and vegetable regenerates our skin, hair and blood.
The main role of these smoothies is to supply our body with nutrition ingredients and to make successful detoxification  of our body.

1. Rose Smoothie Infusion

The watermelon helps the detoxification by its organic joint of citrulline – amino acid which performs the liver and kidney filtration and removes the accumulated ammonia.

Thanks to 95% spare of water – the cucumbers are also very helpful at detoxification processes and at the same time they are excellent source of vitamins C and B.


– 10 oz of watermelon

– 1 big cucumber

– 1 lime

– few mint leaves

– 1dcl water


Add the lime, watermelon and cucumber into the blender and mix them well.

At near end of mixing add few mint leaves and water and mix it again.

This refreshment drink is recommended to be consumed at least three times a week.

Rose Smoothie Infusion

 2. Green Smoothie Infusion – Recipe:

Green leaves of spinach and cabbage are responsible of cleaning processes at our body thanks to their high level of chlorophyll. The celery root, stem and leaves are rich of flavonoid APPI-in which is strong antioxidant, and etheric oils and amino acid asparagin. The celery solely is a great diuretic and the mix of celery, cabbage and spinach satisfies the daily needs of all vitamins and minerals.


– 3 carrots

– 3 celery leaves

– 2 celery stems

– 2 beets

– 10 oz spinach

– 10 oz fresh cabbage

– 5 oz parsley

– 1/2 onion

– 2 garlic cloves

– sweetener by your choice


Green Smoothie Infusion

Wash good all the vegetable leaves. Add the celery, carrots, onion and garlic into the kitchen blender and mix them good.
You can add some water in order to get more liquid. This way prepared healthy mixture keep into the fridge and drink this smoothie all at one day.

3. Red Smoothie Infusion

The beetroot contains high level of selenium and thus it is a ingredient which have re-mineralizing features and it successfully resists to premature aging processes and it is included into the cleaning processes of whole human organism.
The blackberries contain ten times more antioxidants than tomatoes or the broccoli. So they are numbered into ten most nutritive and most healthy foods.


– 17 oz of beetroot

– 17 oz carrots

– 10 oz blackberries

– 1 apple

– 1 tbsp sunflower seeds

– 1 orange juice

9 oz honey (or other sweetener)


Red Smoothie Infusion

To prepare this natural drink you have to peel and to grate a beetroot and the carrots. Peel the apple also and put the pieces into the kitchen blender. Mix them well and add some honey or other sweetener: (stevia…)  Leave it for 24 h at your fridge and mixture will turn into the jelly. Drain the jelly and keep it into the glass bottles. This smoothie is very tasteful and it is extremely healthy for blood vessels and for improvement of immunity. It is recommended to be consumed at morning at empty stomach about 1 dcl of this natural infusion.

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