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3 Gym Exercises to Have Beautiful Legs as Catherine Middleton !

The duchess of Cambridge enjoys her active life and into recreation sport activities, which is visible also at her perfect figure.
If you want to have long and nice legs as Catherine try to practice the following exercises:
Ball Gym Exercise

Kate Middleton- Exercise

Put your body into the “chair” position: adhere to the ground with an outstretched palm of both hands, put your body into straight position and bend the knees at 90 degrees position.

Your right knee lean at Pilates ball and with your right foot place the ball as much closer to your bottom.

Supporting with your arms and using the ball as support at the same time try to lift the left leg to the ceiling.

Keep yourself into this position couple of seconds and then change the positions of the leg and the ball.

Try to avoid straightening and elongation of your back – rather you can use the force of your stomach muscles.

Repeat the exercise 10-15 times switching the legs.

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