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3 Magnificent Healthy Juices to Prevent Arthritis Pain!

The senior years of our lives are fulfilled with experience, wisdom, and memories, but they are also followed by many health problems and difficulties.
Here you will find some healthy juices recipes which will make your days easier and much brighter.

3 Healthy Juices – Your Anti-aging Shield!

By taking care about our nutrition and our daily routines combined with regular physical activities we could achieve the good health status at our late years.

There are many examples of elder people who are vital and with good health shape and many of them were following the healthy advice during their lifetime. But sometimes it is not enough.

Unfortunately, many of us are suffering different health problems and diseases at late age due to our genetic predispositions.

Anyway, that is no reason to stop worrying about our health – we are always in a position to do something to protect it and improve it.

Consuming healthy drinks prepared by natural fruit is just one of many.

Stop Arthritis Pain With These Healthy Juices!

3 Healthy Juices

The first step to prevent pains is your body weight reduction.

Preventing overloading of your joints is necessary in order to decrease the arthritis problems.

It is also very important to know that some vegetables are causing worsening of arthritis pain and problems by their consumption.

Some of them as tomatoes, peppers, potatoes are acting negatively to arthritis suffering people.

Also, the tobacco is one of the main enemies of our efforts to fight arthritis.

Opposite of the mentioned above – the healthy juices prepared by natural and fresh fruit are excellent contributors to better health condition at diagnosed arthritis cases.

3 Healthy Juices

3 Magic Anti-pain Healthy Juices Recipes!

Healthy Juice nr.1 – Excellent Inflammatory Agent!


  • slices of fresh root ginger (or turmeric)
  • 1 cup of fresh natural blueberries
  • a big slice of fresh pineapple (including peel which has very high nutritional value)
  • 4 celery sticks


  • Add the ginger (or turmeric) into the kitchen blender and blitz it until you get a juice of it.
  • Add the rest ingredients and blend it until you get the healthy juice ready for use.

Magic Anti-pain Healthy Juices

Healthy juice No.2 – Lower Cholesterol Agent!


● slices of fresh root ginger
● one apple
● three carrots


● Put the ginger slices into the blender and blend them well.
● Cut the apple into small segments and slice the carrots.
● Add the apple and the carrots to the blended ginger and continue with blending until you get ready liquid healthy juice.

Magic Anti-pain Healthy Juices

Healthy juice No.3- Pineapple Ginger Beer!


● slice of fresh ginger root
● half of pineapple (including peel)


For this ginger juice, you have to blend the ginger and add the pineapple slices into the mixture.

These two main therapeutic goodies will bring you freshness and health.

Healthy Juices – the Gift of Holistic Health 1

Healthy Juices – the Gift of Holistic Health Lifestyle!

These three highly nutritional healthy juices will support your efforts to fight the arthritis pain and they will improve your general health. All of them are recommended by esteemed holistic doctors.

These three magnificent healthy juices are great, fresh, natural and they should become part of your daily nutrition.

Healthy Juices – the Gift of Holistic Health

Source: www.healthy-holistic-living.com

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