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3 Super Foods That You Must Consume This Winter

The Healthy Role of Season Plants
Years ago people were waiting impatiently springtime to come to taste the strawberries or other fresh fruit.
Nowadays it is possible to find any fruit or vegetable at supermarkets and other stores at any time of the year.
It is really good for food lovers, but actually there is a rational reason why the nature had divided ripening of different healthy plants at different seasons.

This reason is strongly connected with the health of living organisms including humans.
For example the fruit and vegetables which are so called summer plants

are possessing excellent cooling properties for our organism during hot summer days.

They are rich in water and juices full of vitamins and minerals which are helping our body to decrease its temperature and to cool itself by sweating.

In this relation the vegetables are having opposite properties. The carrot, beetroot and potatoes are containing less quantity of water.

They are usually dry, thick and heavy and these properties are helping them to keep the thermal stability of your body during the winter season.

All of these super foods are having their important role into our health regulation.

 3 Vegetables as Super Foods for Winter Time

Beetroot and 2 Other Super Foods That You Must Consume This Winter

Here there are three vegetables which are recommended to be consumed at autumn and winter:


The beetroot (as other big-root plants) is a heating food. It contains big quantity of glucose and it helps the cleaning of your blood (similar as many other food ingredients with red color). In order to be more efficient it should be eaten raw in salads or as an addition to hot cooked rice or millet.

You can wash it but do not ripe it because the most of the healthy ingredients are contained there, especially the minerals which had came from the soil. When you are planting the beetroot place it at sunny spots and surround it with plants which are having weak root or almost no roots.

2. Garlic

Garlic is one of the “warmest” plants. It is a food which cleanse and heals and stimulates the blood circulation and metabolism.

It possesses strong antifungal and antibiotic properties which are stopping and healing cold and flu. So use the garlic at almost every winter meal.

To plant garlic you will need just a small area. It can be surrounded by any other plants and at the same time it will help the nearby plants to be more healthy and more resistible to plant diseases.

3. Mustard seeds

These seeds could be found at different colors, shapes and sizes. They could be chilly and with strong aroma. All of them are “heating” properties. Mustard seed are strong diuretic. They are also good to heal the stuffy nose.

Mustard seeds are great anticancer substances so it is strongly recommended to use mustard at your daily menu. Those seeds could be consumed raw, cooked or as addition to salad.

Enjoy the warming benefits of these super foods and fill your body with natural heat during winter days!

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