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4 Effective and All Natural Drinks for Gastritis

Gastritis – The Disease of Modern Times
Natural drinks for gastritis could be the most efficient way to fight this modern health problem.
Since we are all living at times when consuming the fast and unprocessed food is regular habit thus the appearance of gastritis and other stomach problems and diseases became very often.
The most common way to solve this health problem is to keep to the doctor’s’ advice and to change the diet.

But consuming healthy natural drinks for gastritis is very efficient and supportive way to fight this modern disease.

4 Amazing Natural Drinks for Gastritis – Recipes Included

1. Carrot – Ginger Natural Drink for Gastritis

It is one of the most efficient natural drinks for gastritis and it commonly used to treat it.

Natural Drinks for Gastritis - Carrot Ginger Drink



Blend all ingredients into kitchen blender and add fresh water. Add the ginger root juice and mix it well. The red color of this healthy drink will tempt you to taste it and you will enjoy its freshness and its health benefits at the same time.

2. Carrot  Parsley Drink for Gastritis:

This juice is also very rich in vitamins A, B, C and K and many minerals. It is also good for kidneys because it is a great diuretic. Those are reasons that this is one of the most popular natural drinks for gastritis.

Carrot Parsley Drink for Gastritis


Preparation:  Chop the parsley leaves and cut the carrots at slices.

Blend the ingredients well and pour fresh water until it reaches full homogeneity.

3. Avocado –  Apple Juice for Gastritis:

This healing drink is excellent for relieving stomach acid and heartburn.



Peel the fruits and blend them for 10 minutes.

Add some fresh water to get more liquid mixture.

It is one of the tastiest natural drinks for gastritis.

Avocado - Apple Juice for Gastritis

4. Pear – Banana Natural Drink for Gastritis:

Many natural drinks for gastritis are rich in fibers and that’s why they are supporting the whole digestive system.

This drink is very efficient at healing gastritis and it improves the general health at all.


  • 2 pears
  • 3 bananas

Preparation:  Blend bananas and pears into kitchen blender and add some water to make it more drinkable. It is excellent summertime drink. The benefits of its healing properties for gastritis will be felt very soon after its regular consummation.

Pear - Banana Natural Drink for Gastritis

Try these extremely healthy natural drinks for gastritis or choose one of them according your taste and desire. Enjoy their benefits and stay healthy and at great health shape!

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