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4 Irreplaceable Ways to Have a Healthy and Secure Body

Have You Ever Heard the Sentence – I don’t Have a Time for That?  – Try to believe in the Opposite!

Is having time for something to do can be measured with our wishes for that kind of activity or with our system of priority?
In run with our duties and liabilities often we forget one important thing. Let’s explain this with one comparison.
I’m sure that the most of you are having car and you know how important place it takes in your lives.
All that daily activities like going to work, taking your kids from school, shopping and plenty of them can’t be finished on time if we don’t have our cars.
But what if car’s gas-tank is empty or repair and maintenance are not performed on time, can we simply sit behind the wheel and drive?


At one very similar and more serious way this is happening with our body if we don’t take a good care for it!  And if our body crashes under the pressure of our forces in run with life, we will have no chance to get another one.  Now we can realize that sentence – I have no time for exercising or any care for the body is baseless and false.

If you are one of those who have forgotten to care for your body for some time, if you are one another  person who refuses to apprehend that physical and mental health are deeply connected and relied one to each other, read this 4 rules and improve your general health!

1. Without Excuses – Reserve a Time for Exercising

Yes, I know your weekly schedule is full, but tell me – is it true that really, really you can’t find one hour twice a week for some gym class or just riding a bicycle with your family or with your friends?

And in the evenings you can do 15 minutes yoga, watching the best instructor’s videos on your PC or TV.

Gym Class

2. Sleep! That Charges Your Batteries and Relies Your Muscles of Toxins

Irregular sleep can make serious health problems.  Sometimes sleepless can cause a mix of dysfunctions in your immunity system or that can be a reason of your chronic weariness.


3. Choose Carefully What You are Eating and Be Present to Feel the Taste of the Food in all its Variety and Nuances

We all know the meaning of healthy way of eating, but it is one more thing that is also very important and that is – how we used to eat that food? Are we doing that while we are walking in 5-6 big morsels or we are having a time to feel its taste with all our senses? Relishing the food we eating can bring us a pleasure more and calories less.

Healthy food

4. Pay Attention on Pains – Your Body Speaks to You

When we have small or sometimes bigger injuries, we know  where the pain comes from. But when we feel a pain which comes from inside our body, we shouldn’t stay blind and deaf on it. That way our body alarms us to take care and to find and to fix the problem. Well-timed prevention can safe us of further damage.

Your body is the place where your soul has found its peace and it is a kingdom of its growing and reaching. Be a strong fortress of that great kingdom!


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