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5 Exercises to Undo the Spinal Damage Caused by a Lifetime of Sitting

At this moment, everybody understands sitting throughout the day isn’t helpful for your health. However, all sort of tasks still needs individuals to sit for the prolonged amount of times. Whether it benefits your health or not, you still have to make money, so you simply walk it off and tell yourself it’s just the method it is.

The Connection Between Sitting all Day and Spinal Damage

You don’t have to endure tightness and back pain from sitting. Over time that discomfort can affect your capability to run, play sports, and workout and adversely impact your health.

Fortunate for you, even if you have actually been sitting for hours on end for several years now, a few easy workouts done regularly can totally reverse that damage. If you do these five stretches you can restore your complete variety of motion, feel looser, and prevent pain in your knees and lower back. You may even feel like dancing.

5 Workouts to Stay Limber and Prevent Pain in the Back And Undo Spinal Damage

5 Exercises to Undo the Spinal Damage Caused by a Lifetime of Sitting

Glute Bridges

Put down on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the flooring. Next simply raise your butt and hips so that your body forms a straight line. Then lower yourself back down. That’s one rep. You need to try to do three sets of 10. If that’s too easy, you can include a weight and just hold it on your thighs while you do the reps.

This exercise except for correction of spinal damage is great for your hips and glutes, and as an added benefit, your abs!

Sofa Stretch

This one might be a little challenging initially, but it’s well worth the difficulty and is really hassle-free to do while seeing TV.
Just place one leg on the floor, and the other on the sofa, so that your knee is touching the back. Then bend your abs and butt and gradually raise your upper body up so that you are standing tall. Hold that position for about 5 minutes and then switch legs.

To press it to the next level, you can bring your foot on the floor up to the seat of the sofa and attempt to raise your torso to a neutral position once again. This will be tough initially, however, can potentially reverse years of sitting.

Grok Squat

This merely includes getting into a squatting position with your feet on the floor, your back directly, and your butt about as low as it will go. Think baseball catcher position. You need to feel the stretch through your legs, back, and groin.

Leg Swings

You might have seen someone doing this at the fitness center and questioned what they were up to– they were chilling out.
It basically includes holding something for balance and after that swinging your leg back and forth as high as it will go. You can begin by going front-to-back with each leg, and then side-to-side. Attempt 20 swings of each kind.

Fire Hydrants

They’re called fire hydrants since you will appear like a pet dog peeing on a fire hydrant. (Trust me, it’s less uncomfortable than it sounds.).
To do the exercise, simply get on all fours and raise your leg out to the side as high as you can while keeping it bent. Then lower it down. That’s one rep. You should feel your hips and butt working.
Naturally, the very best exercise is to walk around every half hour approximately, but I understand that’s not constantly possible. So if you find yourself sitting for hours on end, to avoid spinal damage, aim to do some or all of these body transforming exercises a couple of times a week.
Source: theheartysoul.com

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