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5 the Most Common Harmful Daily Habits

What is worse for your pelvis – two hours sitting in your car or seven hours sitting in your office?
Time spent behind the car wheel will remain to your body lifetime bad consequences.
Here are some more daily routines which are harmful for your body:

1. Insufficient Walk and Movement – One of the Worst Harmful Daily Habits!

Insufficient walk and movement – One of the Worst Harmful Daily Habits!

Bad blood circulation is usually just a consequence of insufficient physical activity.

But this bad circulation could lead to blockage of the arteries which increases the stroke risk.

So, if you do walking at least 20 minutes daily or at least three hours a week you will cut of the risk to half.

2. Drinking too Much Alcohol

Over consumption of alcohol is very dangerous.

You got to remember that already the third glass of wine or beer will cause damage to your liver and every next glass is a recipe for much bigger health problems.

So, if you want to keep your health in good shape than you better stay away of alcohol.

Harmful daily habit - Drinking too much alcohol

3. Cigarettes – One of the Most Common Harmful Daily Habits!

Smoking causes hypertension by process of narrowing the blood vessels.

Cigarette toxins are stopping the growth and ability of the cells of the bone marrow for regeneration which leads to osteoporosis at later age.

It needs seven years to your body to release the cigarette toxins out of your organism.

To see what will happen to your body if you quit smoking, than you should try at least.

Cigarettes – One of the Most Common Harmful Daily Habits

4. Overloaded Pelvis:

Your pelvis will “remember” every load that it suffered during the years.

Two hours sitting in the car is worse than eight hours in your office chair of which you get up during the day at least couple of times.

Your spine is extremely sensitive especially at its’ lower part.

The best you can do is to do some exercises daily in order to strengthen your back muscles.

Harmful Daily Habits -Overloaded Pelvis

5. Too Much Meat Products at Your Daily Nutrition:

Regular and daily consuming of processed meat is one of the most dangerous harmful daily habits.

Medical doctors noticed that saturated animal fats are producing substances into our body which are increasing the risk of blood vessels diseases.

In order to avoid this situation as a beginning you can choose one or two days in a week when you will not consuming meat products.

Too many meat at your daily nutrition-one of the worst harmful daily habits

Avoid these harmful daily habits and for very short time you will notice magnificent improve to your whole health condition.

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