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6 Unexpected Signs That You Are Anemic

Anemia and Low Level of Blood Iron
Iron deficiency is very common situation at very large number of human population.
Statistically women are suffering iron deficiency more than men.
The first signs of anemia are surprisingly tiredness, lack of energy and feeling of exhaustion.
Iron deficiency is status where there is no enough iron in your blood to produce the necessary quantity of hemoglobin.
Officially you are anemic at this stage. Hemoglobin is responsible for oxygen distribution of oxygen to our cells.

At status of anemia there is not enough oxygen delivered to the cells and all our body functions are hampered.

Fatigue and shortness of breath are following symptoms.

The lack of hemoglobin is not usually connected with insufficient import of iron by your nutrition.

Sometimes our organism is not in position to absorb iron which is contained in the food or at other artificial iron sources as medicines for anemia.

Also some surgeries are causing this insufficiency or the reason is at lower production of red blood cells.

Except the mentioned symptoms there are some unexpected and usual symptoms that you are anemic.

Some of these symptoms couldn’t be connected with anemia at first glance, but it is proved that they are directly connected to this health situation.

6 Unexpected Signs That You Are Anemic

6 Unusual Symptoms That You are Anemic

  1. Cracked Lip Ends

Cracked lips could be caused by other reasons, but is always good to check your blood iron status when you are suffering this unpleasant situation at your lips’ ends. It is proven that almost 40% of people which are having anemia are having angular cheilitis – cracked lip ends. You have to regulate your hemoglobin status in order to get rid of painful problem.

Cracked Lips Ends Shows That Maybe You Are Anemic

  1. Oval Surface of Your Nails

Your spoon nails may not be related to your blood iron status, but their surface talks much about your health status. Also weak and brittle nails are also sign of your harmed health. It is recommended to check your blood iron level in cases where there is no other visible reason for this status.

  1. Eating Clay And Dirt

Everybody of us knows someone or himself as a child who was eating soil, clay or dirt. Still it is not proved why there is need of eating soil in cases of iron deficiency. Paint chips, cardboard, chalk and other similar substances are at the “menu list” of people who are suffering anemia. It is strange and sometimes hard to admit for this kind of patients, but when you admit and say to your doctor the only thing that he will tell you is: “You are anemic”!

  1. Pagofagia – Constant Eating of Ice

It is also one of the most common symptoms of anemia. Although the reason of this symptom is unknown it is proven that people who have constant desire to eat ice are surely suffering blood iron deficiency. Some doctors are guessing that the ice-eating improves the alertness and energy level to these people or that is the way to sooth their swollen tong caused by anemia.

  1. Swollen And Gentle Tongue

Atrophic glossitis or swollen tongue is very usual symptom that you are anemic. The low hemoglobin causes smoothness of your tongue and it makes it more gentle and sensitive. Our tongue is naturally bumpy and it helps us to talk, to swallow and to chew easily. Increasing your blood iron level will make this signs to disappear.

  1. Tingling Legs

Burning legs, tingling legs or restless legs are secure sign of anemia. It is also not understood completely why this is happening but there are medical researches made that prove that at almost 90% of people suffering anemia are experiencing these symptoms.

Ask for Medical Help to Fight Anemia

Even some of these symptoms are strange and unusual if you experience some of them you should consult your doctor as soon as possible. Signs of anemia could be hidden and unclear and it is also recommended to check your blood iron level at regular basis. The well known signs of anemia as tiredness, dizziness, weakness, short breath etc are confirming the suspicions that you are anemic. Even you can support your health by natural products it is good to ask for medical help in order to solve this dangerous health status.



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