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7 Beauty and Healthy Tricks That You Haven’t Try Yet!

Have You Ever Try These Beauty and Healthy Tricks?

Beauty and Healthy Trick No.1

Using the Hair-dryer at Summer time! – No Way! Be Pretty and Have a Nice Hair Without Using the Hair-dryer!

In case you have a short hair it is very simple. Apply the hair-foam at your wet hair and shape it as you wish. Leave the hot weather to finish your casual hair-style.
Beauty Trick No.1

If you have a long hair then Afro textured hair braids are the best choice for casual air-style. But if you are not crazy about them then you can apply t hair-foam at your wet hair and divide the hair-locks at 4 parts, braid the each one of them and leave at during the night to get dried. Next morning you will be ready for your streaming sea waves! This is a great beauty trick during the summer days. 🙂

Beauty and Healthy Trick No.2

Make Yourself a Lemonade and Don’t Wash Your Hands After It!

Prepare a lemonade for your dearest. Squeeze the lemon using the small strainer and do not wash your hands after it! You rather rub them each other and you will feel them softer and smoother at a very moment.

Beauty Trick No.2

Beauty and Healthy Trick No.3

You Just Had a Teaspoon of Honey and There is a Honey Left at Your Lips! Great!

Rub the lips with your finger and leave the honey there to feed them and make them softer. After 3 minutes you can eat the rest of the honey from your lips or you can kiss your darling! Lovely beauty trick! 😉

Beauty Trick No.3

Beauty and Healthy Trick No.4

When You are at Shopping You are Caring Just One Shopping-bag With You! – Wrong!

Every time when we are holding the weight just at one hand we are burdening just one side of our body what leads our spine into irregular position. Spread the weight at both hands and strengthen your muscles equally. Much further you can sing your favorite song while walking down the street with full bags at your hands and at every fifth step to lift your hands up together with loaded bags. Who says that you need gym to get nice muscles? 🙂

Healthy beauty Trick No. 4

Beauty and Healthy Trick No.5

Chop the Onion to Prepare Your Lunch and Deeply Breath Through Your Nose!

This healthy trick will help you to clean your respiratory tract and at the same time it is very healthy and useful if you are suffering inflamed sinuses. If the onion is too spicy for you and if it makes you cry a tear, don’t worry. That will clean your eyes only and even can make you fresh if you are sleepy.

Onion Recipes Will Help You To Cure Your Cough In One Day

Beauty and Healthy Trick No.6

Worries and Frowning are Causing Wrinkles Appearance! Smile!

Do not let you naughty kids to ruin your good mood. Do not frown, but accept their game until you are preparing yourself to go out or while you are waiting at the shop at line in front of register. What matters if other people are looking strange into you? Make you spirit younger and be naughty! The youth note will appear at your face instead of your frown look!

Beauty Trick No.6

Beauty and Healthy Trick No.7

Kill the Daily Monotony and Routine! Make Your Day Beautiful!

There a lot of small things that are making our life joyful and which are contributing to our nice, happily and full satisfactions mood. Start your day with some music, buy yourself a big chocolate just for you, say sometimes NO to the others, have a time just for you! Fell in love again with your darling! Live the life in this very moment! Feel the beautiful things and moments a countless times, again and again!

Beauty Trick No.7

Be and stay happy, beautiful and healthy using these 7 beauty and health tricks! I do believe that you already have your own favorite life-tricks which are making you beautiful and which are keeping your physical and mental health.

Feel free to combine all beauty and health tricks that you know any time! 🙂

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