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7 Easy and Powerful Ways That Will Back Your Thin Body And Silky Skin After Pregnancy

How to be The Full-Time Mommy and Stylish Woman at the Same Time?!

Don’t give yourself excuses now when your little one is here, that you don’t have a time for you!
You can make your days together more fulfill and more productive and funnier than ever.
Here we have 7 interesting and easy proposals for you!
As the week starts you have one option for each day starting at Monday for example or you can make a combination of them for every day, for depending on your needs and wishes.

All seven will help to fit your body, to back freshness to your skin and to erase the traces of sleeplessness and tiredness on your face.

1. New Way of Exercising – Your Baby Will Love It

Maybe now you don’t have a time for your 30 minutes fitness or aerobic exercises in front your TV guide or you have to cancel your gym classes for a while, but always there is a substitution for it!


– Forget the elevator and use the stairs and try to do this 2-3 times at day. You will be surprised with results even after two or three months
– Enjoy long walks together in the neighbor park or in nature if that is possible and make sure that you have a camera with you to make many photos of your baby. Times passes faster and these moments will rich your harmony, they will help you to make strength connection with your child and they will make memories to remember. But also you can feel the benefits of these walks shown on calm spirit, stretched mussels and great condition.

2.  Prepare a Breakfast for Your Sweetie and Make а Mask for Your Face from Same Products

banana-honey-lemonYes, you can use same products for preparing food for your baby and at the same time no longer than 15 minutes you can have an adorable mask that will replace your weekly treatment at your cosmetician. Banana, honey, lemon and barley grain can give you full stomach for your child and beauty freshness on your skin face.  Have unforgettable mornings together. Leave the baby to learn how to feed itself and then put your mask on your face.  Happiness and smile are guaranteed. Let the mess be your source of joy and bliss, not a reason for stress and anger.

3. It’s Not a Secret – Sleeping Makes You Younger!

Make a schedule for each day and try to follow it. It is known that babies and little children love the routine in their lives. That can help you to make a good use of your time and it will enable you to have a sweet sleep with your little angel, feeling its odor and calm breeding next to you. With the good plan, your homework and nursing for the newborn member will be done on time and on another side, the time for rest will make positive changes on your face and it will bring you so much energy during all day and night.

4. What is Good for Your Baby – It is also Good for You and Your Body Line!

baby and mum sleeping together

Many fresh fruits and vegetables prepared without salt or with salt in very small quantity can make detoxification of your body. Is it necessary to say that all nutritive things that our cells need are located in variety pallet of healthy grown fruit and vegetable? And meals eaten together with others taste better! Aren’t they?!

5. Have a Relaxing Shower and Use the Same Baby Cosmetic for Both of You

Do you know that baby cosmetics contain less chemicals and they are better for the skin humidity than adult care products? The fact that infants love natural odor of their mothers is the reason more for each mammy to use the same less perfumed baby cosmetic for her shower.

6. One Cup of Tepid Tea in The evening Makes Miracles During the Night

Prepare the favorite tea for your little one and don’t forget to do it for all members of your family. It can’t take you a lot of time, but it will bring you long sleepy night, without well-known baby stomach convulsions. A cup of green tea and lemon will be the best choice for you! This strong antioxidant will clean your blood and it will relax your tired muscles.

7. Be Again Intimate With Your Spouse – Hold the Fire Between You

Don’t let your spouse feel forgotten in these new moments in your lives. Your love brought on this world your child and find time for caring and loving each other in the way like you use to do.

There is nothing bad if you leave your baby on 2-3 hours for example with its grandparents and have a time just for you two.  Kisses and cuddling will tender your hearts and they will be your best stress eliminator.  Making love with your loved one your pleasure is guaranteed, but also you can’t ignore the power of sex in burning calories and making balance to your hormones.

And, we are not always ready for having a baby.
For all those, you want to avoid pregnancy here are some good news.


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