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How These Top 7 Healthy Plants and Spices Can Make a Miracle For Your Health?!

7 Healthy Plants and Spices and Their Health Benefits!

Spices and healthy plants are improving the food flavor and at the same time, they are giving to us healthy benefits. The healing power of some of these healthiest plants and spices is known for thousands of years ago and the nowadays scientific investigations are real proof of their positive effect on the human health.
7 Healthy Plants and Spices and Their Health Benefits!


– regulation of the blood glucose level to the diabetic people

Put half a tablespoon of cinnamon into the oatmeal or spice your favorite natural drink with some cinnamon. The cinnamon is so tasty and mixed with honey it has a great healing power.

It has a positive impact on the blood glucose level and the cinnamon decreases the level of triglycerides and cholesterol for about 30%. You can achieve this by consuming half or a quarter a tablespoon of cinnamon twice a day.

The cinnamon has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. It is believed that the cinnamon is great against E.coli and other bacteria. Some people are using the cinnamon to stop unpleasant nausea.

Cinnamon - Healthy Plant Benefits:


– against nausea and stomach aches and for relieving the symptoms of arthritis

Some researching activities showed that this healthy plant relieves the pain to people suffering from arthritis.

The ginger is very useful for preventing nausea and for controlling the vomiting. It could eliminate the stomach problems and it helps to relieve the migraine headaches. Also ginger has strong anticancer properties and this healthy plant is often used in many diets because of the ginger’s ability to burn fats very fast and effective.

Ginger - Healthy Plant Benefits:


healing the sore throat improves the memory

Make yourself a sage tea if you are suffering from stomachache or if the dry throat is painful. The sage tea relieves the body pains.

Preliminary examinations said that this healthy plant could relieve part of symptoms of Alzheimer disease. Some other research there were students which were consuming the sage tea before exams and they achieved much better success at memory tests and they were in much better mood than the others.

Sage – Healthy Plant Benefits:


– improving the concentration and the brain work

The rosemary is the mighty antioxidant which increases the blood flow to the brain and protects the brain of free radicals and that way it decreases the risk of stroke and some diseases (Alzheimer).

This healthy plant increases the wakefulness and concentration which leads to the more effective performance of assigned tasks connected with memory.

It is believed that the rosemary stimulates the immune system, it improves the blood circulation and also this healthy plant helps the food digestion.

Rosemary – Healthy Plant Benefits:


– against stomachaches and for improving the food digestion

The mint tea is traditionally used for stomach pain relieving and for better food digestion. The mint helps at diarrhea processes, stomach gasses, and nervous intestines syndrome.

The positive effect of this healthy plant could be seen also at stopping the vomiting drives.

Warm drink from this healthy plant is very often used in winter colds, muscle pains or toothaches.

Mint - Healthy Plant Benefits:


– strong immunity, heart attack prevention;

This healthy plant is the incredibly rich source of vitamins A and C, it improves the immunity and it is especially useful for cardiovascular protection.

The parsley tea is used in treating urinary infections.

Chewing parsley leaves removes the bad mouth breath and crushed parsley is used externally to heal bruises.

Parsley - Healthy Plant Benefits:

Note: Avoid parsley during pregnancy.


anti-cancer effects

The Curcuma is on the top of the healthy plant’s scale. It is a spice which gives the yellow color to curry spice. Also known as turmeric, this healthy plant is mostly used at India kitchen and medicine. At these few years, the positive effects of Curcuma are confirmed, especially at its’ anticancer effect. Turmeric spice contains substances which are stopping the tumor growth.

The examinations confirmed that this spice protects of colon cancer and melanoma and it is often used in treating of many other types of cancer.

Curcuma – Healthy Plant Benefits:

Whether if you are preparing the lunch, dinner or you are making some fresh drinks or warm teas, use some of these healthy plants and enjoy their taste and healthy benefits.

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