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8 Super Foods to Defeat Anemia!

Signs of Anemia and How to Defeat Anemia With Foods?!

There is a scientific fact that million women around the world are suffering iron deficiency into their blood, i.e. anemia.
It is well known that anemia is a main cause of fatigue and lethargy and it also decreases productivity.
It has very bad effect to the overall health and it causes the heart problems.
Defeat Anemia With Foods

Eat These 8 Super Foods to Defeat Anemia:

  • Brown rice is rich in fibers which are helping detoxification, since the iron (contained into the rice) is an excellent food against anemia.

Defeat Anemia With Foods - Brown rise

  • Oatmeal is great choice for those which are suffering blood iron deficiency. Start your day with this tasty and nutritive meal which will improve your health.

Defeat Anemia With Foods - Oatmeal

  • Potato contains high level of iron and that is the main reason that you should include this vegetable at your regular daily menu.

Defeat Anemia With Foods -Potatoes

  • Broccoli is excellent source of iron. Consuming at least two meals with broccoli will increase your blood status in a very positive way. Defeat anemia with this vegetable,one of the healthiest super foods.

Defeat Anemia With Foods -Broccoli


  • Strawberries are rich in iron and they also contain vitamin C which is necessary to our body in order to absorb the iron much easier. Eat this healthy and tasty fruit to defeat anemia.

Defeat Anemia With Foods -Stawberries


  • Spinach as the strawberries contains iron and vitamin C, so it should be your nutritive routine to consume it regularly. If you don’t have a time to prepare it, you can simply add fresh leaves of spinach in almost any smoothie. Defeat anemia with this iron and C vitamin rich vegetable.

Defeat Anemia With Foods -Spinach


  • High level of iron is contained into the peas – almost the same quantity as in spinach.

Defeat Anemia With Foods - Peas


  • One very good and healthy way to defeat anemia is to consume pumpkin seeds as your daily habit and enjoyment.

Defeat Anemia With Foods - Pumpkin Seeds

Include these 8 super foods in your daily nutrition and you will defeat anemia for sure!

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