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9 Most Common Reasons of Cancer That You Probably Don’t Know!

Here are 9 most common reasons of cancer which are rarely talked about and rarely known.
The miraculous medicine to cure cancer is not including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or medicament.
The miracle consists of knowledge that the things we are doing as prevention of cancer are actually “a good soil” for cancer development.
Some of them are following below:

1. Artificial Sweeteners!

The aspartame is a main ingredient into the artificial sweeteners and it is actually the scum of GMO bacteria Escherichia coli. This bacterium is a resident at human colon and it can be found usually at waste-waters. This aspartame is an ingredient of almost all chewing gums, medicament etc. Keep away of it and start consuming the raw sugar.

2. Mammography, Dental roentgen rays, Airport scanners!

Did the mammography technician forget to tell you to put the protection shield over your breast before he ran out of the ordination? Yes, those are the so called deadly rays which are causing cancer although you have come to the ordination to prevent the cancer at time.

3. Deodorants and Antiperspirants which are Containing Aluminum!

The most often place where breast cancer occurs is an upper breast quadrant – near the armpits where we are putting deodorants full of aluminum. Advice? Use organic deodorants.

4. Toxic cosmetics!

Reason of cancer No.4 - Toxic cosmetics!

The skin is our greatest organ and we are treating it often with many decorative cosmetics which are full of kerosene and tar. These poisons are passing through the skin and they are getting into our blood vessels where they are starting cancer. So you should start to use organic cosmetics and avoid the damage.

5. GMO Soy and Corn!

The most of the soybeans used as food in USA is genetically modified. So if you are fan of soy milk you better find another favorite food. The soy milk contains haemagglutinin – the substance which transfers the red blood cells into thrombus. And also the soy causes the estrogen increasing.

6. Milk and Meat Hormones!

The most of domestic animals are fed with artificial hormones in order to get more milk and meat by their usage. The artificial hormones are causing infections, depression, cancer and other diseases.

7. Flourished Water!

Flour in the flourished water is not a mineral which could be found into the nature and which makes the water cleaner. Actually it is poisoning the water and it cleans the useful minerals at our body which leads to weakening of the immunity and causing cancer. If you want to stay healthy drink natural spring water.

8. Pharmacy!

If you don’t want to meet cancer, try to talk to one sincere doctor who will give you the right nutrition advice as a prevention of breast cancer or other types of cancer. Keep away of big pharmacy companies brands. Their main goal is a financial profit – so your disease is their success.

9. Artificial Food Dye and Food Preservatives!

Almost all food coloring have been produced at the labs. Strong food preservatives are killing your healthy cells and they are transforming them into cancer cells. Try to use the colorful organic fruit and vegetables. It is healthy and your dish will be much prettier.

We hope that we gave our contribution in improving your knowledge which could be the common reasons of cancer and on that way we help you in saving your health.

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