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9 Helpful Tips for Hormone Balance!

There is one very important factor which determines our health and that is hormone balance.
Hormones imbalance is very dangerous situation which need optimization and special care.
At the other side their normal and proper function could boost your health a lot especially at situations of different health problems.
Hormone status as balance or imbalance could be felt by people themselves by many body and fit changes.
Some of the symptoms of impaired hormone balance are: fatigue, skin issues,hair loss, weight changes, problems with sleeping, PMS, endometriosis, infertility etc.

What are the Hormones and how we defined the Hormone Balance?!

What are the Hormones and How We Defined the Hormone Balance?!

Hormones are molecules produced by our glands (thyroid etc.)which are transported by the circulation system to target distant organ tissues in order to regulate physiology and function of the organism.

They are effecting at growth and development of the cells and organs, regulating the metabolism, sexual and reproduction functions, mood and behavior etc.

Hormones are produced by endocrine glands as pineal, adrenal glands, pancreas, pituitary and thymus. Sex hormones are produced at men’s and women’s reproductive organs (testes and ovaries).

Hormones are contained mostly of good fats and cholesterol, so the level of these substances at our body could affect the hormone production a lot. There is also possibility to be produced abnormal structure hormones in cases when they are made by mimic chemicals which are replacing good fats and cholesterol. This is just an example how complex is the endocrine system which is not explored and understood completely.

9 helpful tips for Hormone Balance!

If you want  to improve the functioning of this system and to boost the hormone balance here are some helpful things that you can do for your better health:

Tip No.1 for Hormone Balance – Stay Away From High Omega 6 polyunsaturated fats!

Of the whole amount of fats into the human body there are only 3% of polyunsaturated fats. Half of that quantity is Omega 3 fats and that the balance needs to be there. Polyunsaturated fats are contained into the vegetable fats so it is very important to consume them at a daily basis. Polyunsaturated fats are used for rebuilding cells and hormone production, but they are very unstable and they are oxidizing very easily which can cause big health problems – inflammations and cell mutations which can clog the arteries. Also there is a possibility of skin cancer when they are incorporated into the skin cells. It is a conclusion that body needs saturated and monounsaturated fats for optimal health. The most useful vegetable fats are coconut oils, real butter, olive oil and fish omega 3 oils. Fats contained into peanut, sunflower or soybean oil could be harmful for your health as margarine or other altered fats.

Tip No.2 for Hormone Balance – Limit the Caffeine Consumption!

For Hormone Balance - Limit the Caffee

Caffeine could be harmful for your endocrine system, especially during pregnancy, stress or other hormone imbalance. The best way is to have limited coffee consumption and to replace the coffee with herbal teas. But if the coffee is irreplaceable daily routine then you can add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to each cup.

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