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Amazing Results of Green Tea Against Cancer

Green Tea Against Cancer – Study Researches

In case if you are smoker, it is enough to consume at least one cup of green tea daily and you will reduce the risk of lung cancer significantly.
And even if you are not smoker than again it is very useful to reduce the risk of getting lung or other type of cancer to drink a cup of green tea once a day.
Drinking green tea against cancer is one of the most suggested ways to increase the success of avoiding this terrible disease.
The above statements are part of the results of studies performed at one Taiwan hospital where the cancer affected people were studied.
The results showed that lung cancer is at the top of the list of death reasons at that hospital.

Results of Studies of Influence of Consuming Green Tea Against Cancer

The mentioned studies were performed at two groups of people – smokers and nonsmokers.

Even at  the group of people which are not smokers, but who are avoiding the green tea consummation it was shown that they have 5 times bigger risk to get lung cancer in comparison with people which are consuming one cup of green tea daily.

Results of the group of “smokers” showed that this risk is even 12 times more at those which are not getting any kind of green tea.

Green Tea Against Cancer - Study Researches

Magnificent Abilities of Green Tea

Green tea is not magical drink. These “magic” properties are just real effects of its extraordinary healthy ingredients.

Green tea contains large quantities of polyphenols which is great antioxidant which is strong inhibitor of malicious tumors.

The scientists of Los Angeles Institute of Bio-medical research have explained the way the green tea changes the metabolism of the cells of pancreas carcinoma.

That way the green tea is reducing the risk of spreading the disease and it slows the growth of cancer cells.

The further investigations of activities of the green tea against cancer will be performed with much bigger understanding of the processes of cancer cells.

It is also confirmed that the substance called EGCG (contained at the green tea leaves) is changing the metabolic processes of the cells by reducing the extraction of bad enzymes and that way it slows the growth and multiplication of the cancer cells.

Amazing Results of Green Tea Against Cancer

Other Extraordinary Benefits of Green Tea Against Cancer

Some other research performed in Italy showed that men suffering epithelial neoplasia (the predecessor of prostate cancer) by consuming 6 cups of green tea daily almost stopped the growth of neoplasia cells.

That way they reduced the risk of prostate cancer at minimum.

The green tea (together with aloe vera) is probably one of the most analyzed plants.

All scientific analyses proved its anti-cancer effects, but the certain mechanism of its healing is still scientific enigma.

This is the obstacle for its commercial usage at pharmaceutical industry.

Anyway consummation of green tea against cancer has been proven many times and it is always recommended to use this healthy drink not only for cancer prevention but also to improve the status of your general health.




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