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Ancient German Recipe: Cleanses Arteries, Beats High Pressure, Reduces Inflammation

Ancient German Recipe – Simple Formula for Guaranteed Health

Different nations have different approach of natural treatment of many diseases.
Some of them are similar and some of them are extremely different.
Also German people have its own way for practicing natural and traditional medicine.
Since the atherosclerosis is very common and often health problem people were trying to find a real natural cure for healing this harmful disease.
There is one traditional ancient German recipe to prevent clogging of arteries, to avoid bad cholesterol, to fight fatigue, inflammations and infections.
At the same time this recipe was helping people to improve their immunity and to keep their liver healthy.

Ancient German Recipe - Cleanses Arteries, Beats High Pressure, Reduces Inflammation

How to Prepare This Healthy Beverage?


  • 6 large garlic heads,
  • 6 organic lemons (with their own peel),
  • ginger root (or three tablespoons of grated ginger),
  • 3 liters of water.


Peel the garlic and put it into the kitchen blender. Add lemons cut at pieces. Add the ginger, too. Blend them until you get smooth mixture. Pour the mixture into a large pan and add water. Stir the mixture until it boils. Leave it to cool and stir it into glass bottle.


Keep the drink into refrigerator. Consume one glass of this ancient German recipe daily. Do it at least 1-1,5 hour before meal at empty stomach. Treatment should be stopped after three weeks. You have to make one break for seven days and repeat it again for next three weeks. You will feel its magnificent effects right after second treatment.

Health Benefits:

This drink prevents calcification and it stops forming of kidney stone. It is great for your vascular health and it lowers your blood pressure. Its ingredients are very effective for healing inflammations and infections. Also it will help you to fight fatigue and to keep you from cold.

Trust this ancient German recipe and give it a chance to improve your general health.

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