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Avoid the Following 4 Habits Which are Ruining Your Hair!

Shiny and healthy hair is every woman’s dream.
Although we are trying to care for it the best we can by using different cosmetics – sometimes we are destroying it unconsciously by repeating the mentioned habits.
1. Daily Hair Wash
Hair Style

The experts claim that our hair is the most beautiful at the moment when the hair root absorbs the natural oils produced by our skin.

According experts you should wash your hair every second or even better every third day.

If you wake up and your hair is greasy then you can just wash your hair only with regular water and dry it with hairdryer fan.

2. Tying the Hair at the Same Hair Spot

Very often the easiest way to fix your long hair is to tie it as a horse tail.

This usual tying at the same hair spot every time ruins the hair fibers.

But if you have to do it – then try to do it at different hair spot every time.

You can make it lower or higher and that way you will protect your hair of unwanted damage.

Beautiful hair

3.Neglecting the Hair Root and the Skin of Your Scalp

In order to have healthy and shiny hair you should take care also about your hair root.

Massage of the top of your head will improve the blood circulation at that area and using the hair care products you will strengthen your hair root.

Massaging head

4. Using of Wrong Type of Hair Brush

The usage of wrong hair brush will damage your hair and also it could entangle it.

The well known rule says: As the longer hair – as the bigger hair brush.

If you want to emphasize the hair volume you should use round hair brush.

If your goal is to have straight hair than you should use the flat hair brush instead.

Hair Brush

These hair tactics are used by famous celebrities. Why you shouldn’t try?

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