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Ball Workout – 15 Minute Full Body Exercise for You

Inflatable Ball – The Best and The Most Effective Body Exercise Equipment

Fitness equipment is usually expensive and hard to get for home usage and training. Also it is true that for certain body parts and certain exercises you should supply different kind of equipment. The right solution of this problem is to get inflatable ball and to do ball workout.
For the following  body exercise  you will need just a little space at your home and one gym ball. This exercise is so called head-to-toe workout.

These 6 simple 15-minute full body exercises will help you to stay healthy and fit.

Ball Workout – 15 Minute Full Body Exercise

Body Exercise No.1 – Triceps Workout

Place your hands on the edge of stable chair and sit on it. Put your calves and ankles on top of a firm ball. Lift your hips of the chair using the help of your hands. Try to go lower as you can with your body by bending your arms and then straight the arms to lift up to the start position. Repeat this body exercise for 15 times.

Body Exercise nr.1 – Triceps Dip Workout

Body Exercise No.2 – Lower Abdomen Workout

Lie down on the floor and lift your calves on the ball. Try to lift your back and keep your stomach muscles tight. Support your body at your feet, keep the hips raised, bend your knees and roll the ball toward you. All the time keep your feet at the top of the ball. Return to starting position and repeat the body exercise for 15 times.

Body Exercise nr.2 – Lower Abdomen Workout

Body Exercise No.3 – Plank Workout

Place your forearms at the top of the ball. Straight your body and support it with your toes. Tight your abs and keep the neck and head into straight line with your legs. Stay in that position for 45-60 seconds.

Body Exercise nr.3 – Plank Workout

Body Exercise No.4 – Crunch Workout

Place your middle back on top of the ball. Touch your knees with your fingers. Bend your body forward slowly and keep your hands forward touching your legs. Get back to the start position. Repeat it 15 times.

Body Exercise nr.4 – Crunch Workout

Body Exercise No.5 – Shoulders Workout

Hold the ball in front of you. Straight your arms and place the ball to your thighs. Bend the elbows and lift the ball to the eye level. Continue lifting the ball next 45 degrees. Extend your arms. Return the ball into starting position. Repeat this circle 15 times.

Body Exercise nr.5 – Shoulders Workout

Body Exercise No.6 – Side Slope

Lift the ball over your head. Straight your arms and keep your hips apart. Slope slowly to the side and bend your knees in order to put the ball any lower you can. Repeat it to the opposite side. Repeat this body exercise 15 times.

Body Exercise nr.6 – Side Slope

Do not lose your time and money at expensive fitness equipment! Enjoy the positive effects of ball workout and stay fit, strong and in shape form!

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