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Benefits of Mint Tea & Green Tea for Glowing Skin

While the world is flooded with the overwhelming number of “effective” beauty products all claiming to be the best, one can easily be confused on what really is the best. The beauty industry is worth billions of dollars with the big brands spending more on how to convince consumers to buy their products instead of actually improving the effectiveness of their products. That is why if you don’t want to fall victim to this large expensive scheme, the best way to go is natural.
Mint tea and Green tea are just some of the most effective beauty ingredients yet underrated that only a handful of women get to actually enjoy the advantages it brings to the skin. Both are natural, cheap, safe, and effective.

Here are the benefits your skin will relish in Mint tea and Green tea.

Mint Tea.

The effect of mint is instantaneous. It’s super cool. Imagine it refreshing your . Wouldn’t it be divine? It is that it can be actually addictive. The scent is invigorating. Its coolant effect warms the belly, releasing happy hormones, and making your skin glow from within.

Like the ancient people that existed in this world, mint is widely used for the variety of benefits it gives.  It can be found in different beauty skin care products because its components can naturally go well with other natural ingredients.

Benefits to the skin:

1. Reduces oily skin. Min tea is very rich in vitamin A. This means it can naturally reduce the level of oil that the skin absorbs constant exposure to polluted environments.

2Reduce inflammation. Ancient people have been using mint as astringent because mint contains high levels of the chemical called salicylic acid, which combats acne. The best way to get rid of acne though is to clean from within, that’s why it would be great to consume Mint as a tea and apply Mint oil to the affected area to shed it off and stimulate reconstruction all at once.

3. Boosts blood circulation. This effect will make your skin glow as its coolness will help stimulate blood circulation to bring the new nutrients in and get rid of the old skin cells.

Benefits of Mint Tea & Green Tea for glowing Skin

Green Tea:

Sugar is one of the primary reasons why one’s skin looks old. And with the sugared drinks widely available these days, it could be difficult to choose what really is healthy. Green tea contains zero calories, zero sugar, so it’s really good for your overall well-being.

Benefits to skin:

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