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Boron – the mighty Fighter Against Osteoporosis!

Boron is one of the powerful fighters against osteoporosis.
It is a micro-element which has been discovered at year 1808.
Recently it is known as the extremely important element for human’s health.
This element cannot be found at elementary particles in the nature, but it could be found as orthoboric acid which persists at volcanic spring waters and also it could be found as borate salts.
Boron participates at:
Boron Against Osteoporosis

  • Bone structure and it is responsible for their good health
  • Structure of cell membrane which has very important role at normal functioning of the cells
  • As a co-factor at some fermentation processes at the organism

How Boron Can Save You from Osteoporosis?!

If we don’t consume enough fruits (especially nuts) then it is possible appearance of the condition when the level of the boron in our organism is decreased significantly. That condition could produce the disbalance of calcium metabolism and our bones could become breakable.

Also the decreased level of boron could increase the level of estrogen into the blood and at the same increasing the level of other elements which could lead to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is actually calcium loss process and demineralization of the bones’ tissue. This is very often process at women at postmenopausal period.

The necessary daily dose of boron is 3 mg per day. This amount could be provided by two apples and 100 gr of peanuts and that is enough quantity as daily dose to prevent the calcium loss for 40%.

Except the nuts the boron is present at: apples, pears, grapes (and its seed), peaches, honey, wine, beer, soya and into the apple wine.

The symptoms of less boron are not very analyzed except the fact that is noticed the dissatisfied growth and development of the lab animals. The symptoms of high levels of boron (which is also dangerous) are: nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, rashes, weakness and lethargy.

Boron against osteoporosis!

What to eat to get enough boron and to stay away from osteoporosis?!

There are following some facts about the presence of boron into some foods:

 TYPE OF FOOD BORON mg/100 gr of food TYPE OF FOOD BORON mg/100 gr of food
Almond 2,82 Hazelnut 2,77
Red apple 0,32 Honey 0,50
Dry apricots 2,11 Lens bean 0,74
Avocado 2,06 Olives 0,35
Banana 0,16 Onion 0,20
Red bean 1,40 Orange 0,25
Wheat bran 0,32 Peach 0,52
Brazilian nuts 1,72 Peanut butter 1,92
Broccoli 0,31 Pear 0,32
Carrot 0,30 Potato 0,18
Celery 0,50 Plums 1,18
Chick peas 0.71 Raisins 4,51
Grapes 1,08 Walnut 1.63

Boron foods and osteoporosis

Consume a few of these foods every day and let the boron save your health.

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