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Burn Calories and Beat the Cold and Other Inflammations With This Immunity Boosting Diet!

Why Should You Choose This Immunity Boosting Diet?
Except their advantages, many food diets are including their “dark side”.
This “dark side” includes: insufficient income of necessary nutritive ingredients or losing weight too fast.
So that is the reason that you should choose this immunity-boosting diet and at the same time to be sure that your body will have all important nutritive substances in the satisfying quantities.
The famous nutrition expert Dr. Joel Fram considers that we could be protected from many diseases if we have a proper nutrition.

This scientist developed special immunity boosting diet.

Why You Should Pick This Immunity Boosting Diet?!

Dr. Fram says that his special program should be followed for two months in order to increase the immunity level during the season of colds and flu.

Except the above mentioned, this immunity-boosting diet will help you to get rid of the toxins contained in your body.

Immunity Boosting Diet – Breakfast:

Oatmeal with chia seeds, sunflower seeds and all types of berries. Dr. Fram recommends that the breakfast should be warm and not cold.

Immunity Boosting Diet – Lunch:

Salad made of leafy vegetable and tomatoes. You should consume and boiled or roasted chicken meat at small portions.

Immunity Boosting Diet – Dinner:

Immunity Boosting Diet - Dinner:

Vegetable soup enriched with many different spices ( black pepper, turmeric, oregano etc. )  Also, the dinner should be warm or hot.

There are four (4) basic principles which Dr. Fram used as a basis for his special immunity boosting diet:

  1. Consuming more food which is rich in vitamins and minerals –green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, paprika and all types of berries.
  2. Very often to consume walnuts, beans, and seeds. Thanks to these ingredients you will be able to be free of fats and your body will be full of energy.
  3. Small portions of meat. (If you are not vegetarian.)Animal products are stimulating the production of hormone IGF1 which helps fats to be stored in our body. That is the reason that this nutrition scientist recommends that the meat meals should be maximum 10% of your weekly menu.
  4. More chewing!

This is the last advice from Dr. Fram.

Each bite should be chewed at least 25 times before it gets to your stomach.

The reason is that at the process of chewing there comes an enzyme secretion.

These enzymes are protecting our cells and our whole organism.
Choose this immunity-boosting diet – not only as a certain way to burn many calories but also as your regular daily and healthy nutrition. 

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