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Can Healthy Plants Make Damage to Your Health Somehow?!

Today we know much more about the plants then before: for example some plant could contain also the harmful ingredients and the fact that the right medical treatment with plants mostly depends at their dosing.
Also, we are known about the reactions and the collision which could occur at combination of different plants with other medicament.
We have to be careful when becomes word about  care for our health and we have to know that even when we eat  some healthy food, it can have opposite  reaction in some cases and in some eating combinations.
There are following some possible contraindications caused by plants which have been used as remedies:

4 Healthy Plants Which Can Be Unhealthy in Some Cases:


Aloe Vera increases the action of the hydro-cortisone creams. With the simultaneous usage of the diabetes medicines it could become drastic decreasing of the glucose level at our blood. This could cause hypoglycemia and fainting, because our brain is left without natural energy.

Healthy plant - Aloe Vera

Here are other three good known healthy plants which can be unhealthy in some cases:

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