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Can Honey Be Unhealthy??? Have You Ever Eat Fake Honey?!

You are honey consumer and you are sure that it is a real and good for you and your health. Think once more ! ! !
Do you know to recognize the real honey?!
Don’t let to be manipulated and victim for someone’s other profit !
All you have to know about the honey and about its quality you can find at this interesting text.
At the beginning let’s check some facts!!!

Healthy honey

Is the Honey That You are Consuming Daily – Real? How to Check It? Simple and Quick!

You cannot recognize the honey by its color, because there are many kinds of honey, but at the first place comes the taste. This rule is valid mostly for those who had tasted the real honey. When the spoon full of honey makes you the feeling of soft burning into your throat after two minutes – than it is a real honey feeling. In case you are smoker than the real honey will make you cough by cleaning the layers of nicotine into your throat.

But if the previous two checks didn’t assure you, then you should check the following advice which will surely tell you if it is a real or fake honey and if it is really good for your body, beauty and health!

Take one toothpick and drawn it into the honey. Then lift it up. If there is a continuous flow of honey out of the toothpick then the honey is natural completely. If the flow stops it is about the honey produced by bees which are fed with sugar products as sugar juice. This juice is the product which you are consuming instead of natural honey at this case.

Healthy honey1

The honey has complex, but most of all unique composition which cannot be produced artificially. Its ingredients are balanced at ideal proportions and by their interactions they are becoming real catalysts and bio-stimulants at human body and they are regulating the function of all organs and glandes. After all, the honey gives contribution to the balance of all human cells. And only healthy body is a beautiful body!

And something more!!!


Do not avoid the honey which crystallized into you jar. It is another important sign that the honey is natural because every kind of natural honey crystallizes sooner or later, especially if you kept it at cooler place for a longer time. The crystallized honey is healthier, it is easier to be digested and human organism can use it easier. But if you really want to make it liquid again than put the jar into the dish with warm water and heat it slowly. But it is very important not to heat the honey over 97 Fahrenheit degrees because then it will lose its nutrition values.

The best way to consume the honey is to be solved into tea, water or milk because if you eat it clear then it can cause some stomach problems especially at people with sensitive digestion system.

Healthy honey2

One More Invaluable Gift of the Bees!

The precious substance which the bees are feeding their mother-bee is called royal jelly. This miraculous substance is contained at many cosmetic preparations which are used for care of dry skin. The royal jelly is great for improving the immunity and for regulation of the hormonal balance as also for the whole organism right functioning. Some researches are connecting the consummation of honey and its relative products with improving the mental ability of the brain and with the maintenance of the youth and the spunk of all body cells.

Note: It is not recommended children under age of 1 to consume honey. Some of its ingredients are suspected to cause botulism due to the fact that the kids’ organism at that age has not completely developed digestion system which could be able to fully digest the honey.

Healthy honey4

So, the honey story came to its end. It is up to you to include the honey at your daily menu. Remember!!! The honey is a food before anything else and not a medicine! But it is not an ordinary food; some people would compare it with ambrosia! So, feel free to make the step towards the divine health and eternal beauty by consuming the honey and its relative products!!!


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