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Care for Your Health! Make This Drink To Cleanse Your Body of Toxins!

Homemade Mix of Water and Healthy Products – Also Ideal for Flat Stomach!

How many times have you bought a bottle of water with fruity or some other taste?
I think thousands times. But how many times have you read its content?
Almost never!
But truly this kind of water often contains many chemical ingredients.
Magic Lemon Drink

Yes, it will rehydrate you and it will leave its fresh taste in your mouth, but the most of times that is all that you can receive from this fabrics made fruity water.

Instead of them, homemade mix of water with healthy and carefully selected nature products can provide you much better benefits, giving to your body complete antitoxin treatment.

Now we present you one of the most popular healthy homemade drinks which can rightly be called a vitamin bomb for your body! If you feel your throat dry and you need something for refreshment, without much trouble you can prepare this powerful drink at home. Your thirst will be satisfied and at same this drink will help your body to relief unwanted materials and toxins, helping it also in process of burning its fat layers.

Ingredients for This Magnificent Vitamin Bomb Drink: 

  • 2 litres cold water,
  • 1 little spun grated fresh ginger,
  •  1 cucumber (medium size),
  • 1 lemon,
  • 12 mint leaves.

Preparation: Cut the lemon and cucumber on little tiny circles. If you can supply yourself with healthy grown and natural lemon and cucumber you can add them with their shell. It’s good to know that if they haven’t chemical treatment and they are free of any external pollutants, their shell contains also many healthy nutritive which can give this drink much bigger power. After that put these colorful and fresh circles into the water and add the ginger and mint leaves also. With one bigger spun mix the drink and place this magic potion in refrigerator. Leave it there at least 8 hours, but not forget to mix the drink more several times.

These 8 hours will give time to all these healthy ingredients for caring your body to mix to each other making one strong antioxidant and fat remover. Not to mention how tasty and fresh this natural mix of vitamins is. Surely better from all fabric made fruity water. You can drink it whenever you want and the dose has no limit. Also you are sure that this rich lemon drink hasn’t anything artificial in it. Double pleasure is guaranteed!

Many studies from different universities which problematic is healthy food and care have come to same results. Here are some of them:

Lemon is well know on its high contain of vitamin C. Its other grate rule takes place in the function of organs purification, stimulating them for having better and improved work.

Cucumber contains 90 percentage water and its contents helps to release substances that perform the detoxification of the body. High quantities of vitamin E that cucumber contains improve skin elasticity and younger all body cells, giving to your look beauty care and natural skin treatment.

Water Mix Detox

Ginger is one very powerful natural antibiotic and it also helps in maintaining body glucose balance. It also relieves cramps and helps upset.

Mint soothes, helps digestion and relieves pain in the stomach. Its essentials stimulate process of burning fat in the body and blood, also helping the body to release toxins.

Healthy freshly way to chill in your evenings! Make this magic drink for your family and friends in spending your together evenings and save money at same time! Enjoy together in its healthy caring taste!

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