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Chinese Face Map Reveals Internal Body Issues From Pimples And Rashes

All your internal organs and your whole body are working like one complex system with many internal connections.
All your parts work together to ensure a healthy, happy and proper body function.
So, it is very logical that if some internal organ has some issue, the same problem may be shown on another part of your body.
This is actually the theory conceded to  Chinese Face Map.
The biggest organ on your body is the skin and it is the most common place where you can notice some sign that something wrong is happening inside you.
The first signs include pimples, rashes, or change of skin color/tone.

Here are the areas of your face that may indicate an internal problem.

See the Chinese Face Map Below:

Chinese Face Map

Forehead – Bladder and/or Small Intestine

Bad food choices, accumulated stress, often alcohol consumption, irregular sleep could cause breakouts on the forehead.  If you notice these signs then you should start to eat more raw food, to prolong the duration of chewing the food, to take some probiotics. Also, you have to drink more water, forget on alcohol and have a good sleep during the nights. Practicing yoga may help, too.

Between the Eyebrows – Liver

The liver has the main role in eliminating toxins from your body. If you consume too much meat, if you drink too much alcohol or if you eat some food that your body is allergic on, then you are surely harming the liver function.

Try to avoid any kind of meat, soda drinks and alcohol. Consume more organic produced fruits and vegetables. Give yourself time for long walks on fresh air and start to meditate.

Eyebrow Arch – Kidneys

If you are very often dehydrated then your kidneys will suffer. The reasons of dehydration can be different: smoking, alcohol, more than 3-4 cups of coffee daily, excess sweating, low quality of salt consumption and lack of water intake.

Drink at least 8 cups of water daily, avoid sweetened and caffeinated drinks as much as you can, say no to alcohol.

Supply yourself with sea salt or Himalayan salt.

Nose – Heart

If you have any signs of some health issue on this area of your face then you should blame high indoor and outdoor air pollution, your bad blood circulation, high blood pressure etc.

To solve this problem you can start with exercising at least twice a week, make yourself green tea or chlorella to cleanse the toxins, watch on your cholesterol levels and keep the blood pressure balanced with cayenne, garlic, and reishi mushroom.

Upper Cheeks – Lungs

Pollution, smoking, lung problems, asthma are main reasons for the damaged skin on this part of your face.  Start to consume more green vegetable juices and smoothies ( especially cucumber, celery, lemon, lime).

Green leaves will clean your lungs and will prevent their further damaging.  Astragalus and Cordyceps are the 2 magnificent super herbs used to protect and nourish the lungs in Chinese medicine.

Cheeks – Lungs and Kidneys

Again – smoking, bad nutrition and stress may affect this area of the face. Start to feed yourself healthier and have a regular exercise. When the kidneys are involved, this indicates a faster level of aging.

Take care for your kidneys and lungs with proper hydration: sea salt and pure water.

Also, consume more cucumber and other members of the melon family. All of them are kidney friendly.

Add some of the great Jing Chinese super herbs in your daily diet.

These anti-aging, kidney nourishing super herbs include: ho shou wu (fo-ti) with its brilliant flavor and Rehmannia with its kidney nourishing power.

Mouth and Chin – Stomach

Too much fat, processed and sweet food can make problems in this area. Also, caffeine and alcohol consumption will have a bad impact.

Try to maintain a balanced diet and eat plenty of fruits and demulcent fiber (chia, marshmallow, slippery elm, aloe vera) to improve stomach health.

Jaw and Neck – Hormones

Bad diet habits, junk food, artificial lightning, always being disconnected from direct connection with the Earth, as well as huge intake of hormone injected meat and dairy, lack of water intake – all of these will make a chaos with your hormones and hormone glands.

If you want to avoid the hormone imbalance then be as much as you can, connected to the Earth with walks on the sand. Sungaze during the last 4 minutes of each day barefoot on stone or sand. Avoid hormone contaminated eggs, meat and dairy products as well as chicken. Stay as much as you can on daily light and avoid artificial lighting as much as you can.

Learn more about Chinese Face Map from the video below:

Via: www.davidwolfe.com

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