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Don’t Panic!!! If Your Grandmother Didn’t Tell You Her Secret For Having Long and Lush Hair, We Have a Healthy Solution For Your Hair Loss Problem!!!

Did You Grandmother Tell You Her Secret for Healthy and Lush Hair?!
If Not We Have a Surprise for You!
Prevent your hair loss with these 6 healthy and helpful tricks.
Grandmother's secret for hair loss problem

1.  Baking Soda Trick

Put  1-2 Tbsp  baking soda into one little bottle full with water. Mix them well. Wash your hair with it. It was our grandmother’s favorite shampoo. Soda will make a basic medium, it will destroy harmful bacteria on your scalp it will make your hair smooth and shiny.  It is known that acidic environment is the cause of almost all diseases. All you have to do is to repeat this soda treatment at least once a week.

Grandmother's secret for hair loss problem1


Massage your head and do it regularly, especially the crown of the head. Massage will improve your circulation, which will “raise” the cuticle of your hair. The hair thickening is guaranteed and in same time the hair loss will be stopped! Yes, if you have a chance you can ask your grandma for this.

Grandmother's secret for hair loss problem2

3. Homemade Shampoo

Grandmother's secret for hair loss problem3

Homemade shampoo is always better solution then every chemically produced hair care product.

You can use the mention soda- water shampoo or you can find some other combination made from natural and home products.

For best cleaning and hydrating we suggest you this homemade cucumber- lemon shampoo:


–  1 lemon

–  1 cucumber

Lemon is known as a natural cleaner and cucumber has moisturizing properties.

To prepare this shampoo you should peel a lemon and a cucumber and put them in blender. Mix them well and use the mixture to wash your hair.

4. Be Careful What You Eat!

Improve your daily menu and bring the necessary ingredients, minerals and vitamins which will feed your hair, nails and skin. Supply yourself with salmon, flaxseed, eggs, chicken, oysters, lentils, nuts, almonds, carrots…  All these products are main source of necessary vitamins and minerals for healthy hair and healthy scalp.

Today’s fast food meals are not in useful at healthy living way and beauty, so check what our grand mothers had at their own times.

Grandmother's secret for hair loss problem4

5. Eliminate your stress!

One of the most common causes of hair loss and the cause of many other diseases is chronic and daily stress. Find your own unique way of getting rid of stress and you will notice amazing changes to your hair and your overall health. Yoga is a good choice for start.

Grandmother's secret for hair loss problem

6. Say NO!!!

Sometimes you should say No to your comb, hairdryer and other accessories for tying and tightening the hair. How would you feel if someone constantly shakes you, blows you, ties you, dyes you …?

Grandmother's secret for hair loss problem6

Don’t forget that your hair is alive too and respect that fact!

Prevent your hair loss and don’t forget to share the secret. 😉

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