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Drink Okra Water To Treat Diabetes, Asthma, Cholesterol And Kidney Diseases!

With Okra Water Against Diabetes, Clogged Veins and Kidney Problems:
Drink OKRA WATER To Treat Diabetes Asthma Cholesterol And Kidney Diseases!

Okra (Lady finger) is very popular these days and the reasons are amazing.
This healthy plant is rich in fiber and it is cultivated in mainly tropical regions.
This super food contains huge amounts of various vitamins and minerals.

Here are the most important of them:

  •  60 ml of magnesium
  •  80 micrograms of folate
  •  1 g of fat
  •  2 g of protein
  •  6 g of carbs
  •  3 g of dietary fiber
  •  21 g of vitamin C
  •  30 calories

You can consume okra in very different ways.

It can be eaten fried, stewed, boiled or pickled.

Or simply you can make okra water and drink it daily.

But whatever you choose, the positive effects of this healing plant are guaranteed.

Okra plant is powerful in treating diabetes, it is good to fight asthma, helps your body to increase its immunity, heals kidney diseases and lowers bad cholesterol level.

Here is one DIY okra water recipe that will help you to control your blood sugar level completely naturally:

How To Make Okra Water For Diabetics:

Cut the tails and head of 3-4 fresh okras.

Put them in a pot of water and let them in it overnight.

Drink the Okra water next morning after you wake up, a half hour before your breakfast.

This drink will help you to control your blood sugar level.
Don’t let diabetes ruin your world, prepare this okra water and drink it regularly to calm down this bad disease.
Via: www.explorehealthyfood.com
Video source: Dr Albana Greca


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