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Why You Should Eat These 7 Super Foods Every Day?!

These 7 super foods are the best cure for cancer protection and against heart and brain disease… but only if you consume them raw!
Super Food No.1 – Almonds are Protecting the Heart!
Super Food No.1 - Almonds

The raw almonds contain fats which are useful for human organism.
The almonds could help decreasing of LDL level into the blood (lipoproteins with low density), i.e. “bad” cholesterol. This way they are stopping the process of atherosclerosis of blood vessels. If the almonds are baked at temperature higher than 170C then these useful fats are transferring into free radicals which are causing the opposite effect – increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Super Food No.2 – Broccoli Protects the Body of Cancer!

Consuming the fresh broccoli including the chewing process helps at realizing the substance called myrosinase which is settled into the cells membranes of broccoli cells.

Myrosinase actually is an enzyme which helps the liver to process the cancerogenic materies.

When the broccoli is thermal treated this enzyme is lost. People which are consuming cooked broccoli are receiving only a third of the substances which are important at cancer protection. We shouldn’t forget that fresh broccoli is a rich source of vitamin K.

Super Food No.2 - Broccoli Protects the Body of Cancer!

Super Food No.3 – Garlic Protects DNA!

Consuming the fresh garlic produces the compound which protects DNA – Allicine. If we cook the garlic even for one minute then this enzyme is lost completely. So eating cooked garlic is not recommended.

Super Food No.3 - Garlic Protects DNA!

Super Food No.4 -Fresh Squeezed Juice!

What is better than fresh fruit or vegetable? The only thing better than these are fresh squeezed juices. The juices which we are buying into supermarkets are always pasteurized. Pasteurization kills not only bacteria and preserves the juice but it also destroys the vitamins, minerals and enzymes. So no matter that these juices are so called a healthy product that is not correct. Sometimes the process of their manufacturing includes inserting the chemical substances and other dangerous material. Luckily, it is very easy to prepare a healthy juice at home.

Super Food No.4 - Fresh Squeezed Juice!

Super Food No.5 – The Himalayan Salt is Full of Minerals!

This salt contains essential minerals which are of great importance of human health. At the process of its treatment the salt is usually treated at high temperatures by using some chemicals and during that process the salt loses its primary value. This salt is harmful and useless. The raw salt (for ex. Himalayan salt) has a crucial importance of keeping the right mineral balance. Of course not every kind of salt is a good salt. The most of packed and fast food is full of surprisingly high levels of sodium.

Super Food No.5 - The Himalayan Salt is Full of Minerals!

Super Food No.6 – The Raw and Fresh Cocoa is a Brain Food!

The cocoa is a real treasure of nutritive substances: essential vitamins and minerals which are inciting the increased secretion of neurotransmitters and other brain chemicals which are responsible for keeping the good mood. So this is one of the reasons about the popularity of cocoa. If the cocoa is cooked than it loses of its value. Even more when its fats and oils are mixed after cooking the cocoa could become harmful.

Super Food No.6 - The Raw and Fresh Cocoa is a Brain Food!

Super Food No.7 – Fermented Cabbage (Sauerkraut) Improves the Digestion!

Fermented cabbage helps the maintenance of our intestinal flora and it helps the health in general. When we cook the cabbage or other vegetables we are destroying many vitamins and minerals and most of the enzymes. The fermented vegetable is easier to be absorbed into our body and its nutritive substances could be easier used. The fermented food produces probiotics (useful bacteria) which are helping our body to fight against many diseases and it improves the immune system.

Super Food No.7 - Fermented Cabbage (Sauerkraut)

Stay super healthy with these 7 super foods

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