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Face Signs That Can Reveal What Part of Your Body Is Sick, and What to Do About It

The ancient Chinese medicine utilized to diagnose illness with the help of signs on the face and was able to detect even the minor health problems. Ancient Chinese therapists thought that all skin problems are linked to some problem with particular internal organ, as all body organs are interconnected. Therefore, face mapping has actually become an effective tool to early identify health issues.
This method is a safe approach that determines diseases based on the belief that the organs in the body are related, and the position of acne on the face indicates the issue in the body. Here are the meanings of different places of acne on the face:

Face Signs and Their Connection With Certain Diseases:

Face Signs That Can Reveal What Part of Your Body Is Sick

1.Acne on the cheeks – Poor circulation
2. Acne on the T-zone: Bacterial buildup, Extreme consumption of coffee, Tension, Alcohol abuse, Smoking, Touching your face regularly
3.Acne on the chin, jaw or neckline – Yeast infection, Hormonal issues, Extreme intake of starch, Extreme intake of processed sugar

Yet, a rather more specific illness detection method is face mapping by the area of the organ. Therefore, find out the location of particular organs on the face, and you will quickly discover the cause of your health issues:

Bladder and small intestine — Face signs on forehead

Acne on the forehead suggests the excessive consumption of processed and fatty food and low consumption of fiber. Also, tension and alcohol abuse may cause harmful accumulation, dehydration, or bad food digestion. You should begin consuming 10-12 glasses of water day-to-day and limit the intake of alcohol and processed food.

Liver — the area in between the eyebrows

The extreme consumption of meat will expose the stomach to pressure and it will not be able to digest it on time. It will become overworked, and lead to skin concerns and acne in between the eyebrows. You should start taking in more vegetables and fruits and spend more time in the fresh air, outdoors.

Kidneys — eye area and eyebrows.

This is an outcome of dehydration and poor nutrition, in addition to poor blood circulation, smoking cigarettes, alcohol abuse, or a weakened heart. Consume a lot of water and avoid alcohol and caffeine.

Face Signs That Can Reveal What Part of Your Body Is Sick, and What to Do About It

Kidneys and lungs– Face signs on your cheeks

Acne on the cheeks is usually a result of poor oral health, so you must brush and floss the teeth routinely, and avoid beverages and foods abundant in sugar.

Lungs– upper part of the cheeks

Acne in this area shows increased air pollution, so in order to enhance your condition, prevent smoking and remaining outside when the air is too contaminated.

Stomach– mouth, and chin

These face signs indicate that you take in high quantities of fatty and sweet foods, and beverage alcohol routinely, so you ought to prevent these foods and add fermented foods to your diet.

Heart– nose

The nose is directly linked to the heart, so this is a sign of excessive salt consumption. Start working out and follow a much healthier diet.

Hormonal agents– neck, and jaw

Acne in these areas is an outcome of hormonal imbalance, so consume healthier foods, and restrict the salt and caffeine intake, in order to manage your hormonal agents.
Source: corespirit.com

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