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Forget on Antibiotics With This Clean Natural Healthy Remedy!

Natural Healthy Remedy – Why You Should Make it Right Now?!
We all know how pharmacy medications are not always the healthiest choice for us.
That’s why we have here an excellent substitution for them. Here it is one cold fighting natural healthy remedy that can replace many antibiotics and medicaments.
It has also a magnificent role in improving all health conditions and in boosting necessary energy for stressful days of our time.
No one can stay indifferent on its great taste and its powerful ability to keep us healthy and far away from pharmacy.

Necessary Ingredients for this Natural Healthy Remedy:

Note: If you want you can double the dose. It is up to your needed quantities.
Natural Healthy Remedy – Preparation:
Wash the lemon well. To be sure that all chemicals are removed from, you can leave it to stay for 20 minutes in water mixed with baking soda.

After that, you have to peel the ginger – one of the healthiest roots.

Cut the ginger and the lemon in tiny slices. Get one clean glass jar (0,5l) and add the lemon and ginger slices into it. Add some cinnamon.

At the end, you have to add the honey into this mixture. Be sure to leave a little bit space on the top of the jar because the juice that will be release from the lemon slices.

Close the jar and leave this natural healthy remedy in your refrigerator for at least one month.  If it is necessary you can add some warm (but not hot!) water if it becomes jelly.
And your natural healthy recipe is ready for consuming!

You Can Forget on Antibiotics With This Clean Natural Healthy Remedy!

  • adults – 2-3 tbsp per day
  • children – 1-2 tbsp per day

Feel the benefits of this natural healthy remedy and share the recipe with your friends.
Help them to forget about medicament also.

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