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Fresh and Tasty Tangerine Cake – Juicy Bite for Each Family Member!

When we think of cool autumn and winter days in our heads immediately we imagine the smell of tangerines first.
This delicious and juicy fruit is actually so powerful that it finds the way to cheer every one of us. And how it couldn’t, when it is so healthy!
Tangerines reduce the risk of cancer, especial liver cancer and they are an excellent source of Vitamin C.
This orange juice affects cholesterol and also it helps in burning calories and losing weight! We can eat tangerines as our healthy snake, we can juice them or we can find our pleasure way to cook them in delicious desert.

Here it is one very easy to prepare and all over very tasty and fresh cake which main ingredients are tangerines.

Your Fresh and Juice Tangerine’s Cake is on One Step of YOU!

Ingredients for the Cake:

Tangerine’s Cake

● 5 tangerines
● 250 gram /9 oz of crushed walnuts or crushed almonds
● 250 gram / 9 oz sugar or 350 gram/ 9 oz brown sugar
● 6 eggs
● 1 little tbsp baking powder

Preparation (Tangerine cake) :

(see the preparation on  the next page – 2)

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