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Graviola – Powerful Killer of the Cancer!!!

What Exactly is Graviola?!

Graviola / Soursop (Annona muricata) is a rainy tree classified into the plant family of pineapples. It is also known as rain-tree or Brazilian paw.
It could be found at Central and South America including Brazil.
This periwinkle tree has big shine leaves at dark-green color and it grows to 5-6m height. 
Its fruit has heart shape and it is yellow-green outside and white inside.
Graviola had achieved great reputation thanks to its acetogens which could be found at large quantities inside it – a group of potential agents against cancer.
Graviola could be used at many ways especially therapeutically.
The leaves, seed, its crust, its fruit and roots are the most used parts of this plant.
There are following some of traditional usages of this nobble tree:

  • The leaves are used to heal headaches and insomnia. They also contain antioxidants which are well known by their influence to the inflammation processes.
  • The cooked leaves could be used locally against rheumatism and abscesses. In some regions in Brazil the leaves’ oil and the green fruit of graviola are mixed with olive oil and they are used to heal neuralgia, rheumatism, arthritis and other pains.
  • The fruit and the fruit juice are used to prevent for:

– Disinfection and anti-parasites medicament

– Against diarrhea and dysentery

– Against fever

– To increase the production of mother’s milk after the child delivery

Fight The cancer With Graviola

  • Its seed are melted and they are used against interior and outer parasites, lice and worms. It is very interesting to point out that the seeds and the roots are containing some toxics which could cause atypical Parkinson diseases, so that is the reason that this herbal medicine is avoided sometimes.
  • The tea made of graviola leaves had been used since the ancient times at the Amazon region to heal the liver and stomach ulcer.
  • The tea made of crust, leaves and roots of graviola is used for:

– Sedative and antispasmodic

– Healing the nerves

– Healing the hypertension

What are the Healing Benefits of Graviola?!

Graviola is well and most known for its anti-cancer action. The researchers claim that there are positive results of healing treatments with graviola at cancer healing as a significant support at this battle. The alternative medicines made by graviola are used against breast-cancer, cancer of the prostate, liver cancer, lung cancer, pancreas cancer and lymphoma. This property of the plant is one of the most studied and analyzed and all studies showed its positive and good effect at human health.

Graviola – Powerful Killer of Many Kinds of Cancer!

Graviola and Cancer of Pancreas:

Increasing the metabolic activity and increasing the concentration of the glucose into the cancer cells. One of the studies published at the magazine “Letters of cancer” showed that the graviola extract with contains acetogen is acting that way which decreases the production of ATP (adenosine three-phosphate) which leads to death of the cancer cells. At the same time the researchers found out that this have no side-effects to the healthy cells.

Graviola and Cancer

Graviola and Lung Cancer:

The artificial medicament Adriamycine sometimes is used as a chemotherapy medicament at cancer diseases including the lung cancer and blood cancer. One Japanese study showed that anonacin (the Graviola acetogen) could stop the growing of lung cancer cells as well as the previous mentioned medicament. But, dr.Webster Kehr from Independent cancer research foundation warns that graviola could be also dangerous for these patients which are suffering cancer diseases (lung and brain cancer) especially because the certain concentration of the dead cancer cells (lysing) could harm the human organism dangerously.

Graviola and Breast Cancer:

The studies showed that the juicy extract of graviola could stop the growing of the gen which is responsible for cells growth (EGFR onkogen) which is one the most common reasons of danger at the breast cancer.

Graviola and Its Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory Properties:

One research published at “The international newspaper molecular sciences” performed at experimental animals supported these traditional usages of graviola for analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities. Although, the researchers suggest performing of further studies in order to provide its safe use.

Graviola and Diabetes:  

Graviola - Cancer Killer

It is discovered that graviola could be used at diabetes treatments. One study performed in Nigeria showed that graviola leaves are reducing the concentration of the glucose to lab mice. It is probably it is due the fact that it has effect at insulin and adrenaline levels into the body. Although, the researchers suggest performing of further studies in order to provide its safe use.

Graviola and Hypertension:

The researchers showed that graviola possesses hypotension characteristics and it decreases the high blood pressure and it is vasodilatation subject (it broads the blood vessels) and it also has cardiodepressive function (it slows the heart rhythm and contractility). If you are taking anti-hypertension medicines you should obligatory consult your doctor first before starting usage of graviola because you’ll probably need some adjustment period or other treatment.

We are all a part of the nature. Healing means finding the right way to health. Graviola can help in our battle with cancer for sure!

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