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Does Your Hair Scream for HELP?! Find Out What Nutrients Can Back The Life to Your Hair!

Read this article and follow its suggestions and you will find out that you will never need expensive hair treatments to get strong, shiny and lustrous hair.
The following nutrients should be almost always included in your meals and you will feel the positive results not only for your hair but for your health in general.

1. Omega 3 Acids

This healthy ingredient usually could be found at fish meat (especially in salmon and other fatty fish).
A fish meal should be at least two times a week at your menu.
Some artificial supplements as DHA and EPA could replace the daily needs of omega 3 acids, but we strongly recommend using natural sources of this extraordinary healthy product. Your hair will be grateful and it will get you back with a shiny and beautiful look.

Natural Nutrients For Healthy Hair

2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps the active hair growth. It is produced and activated by sunlight, but you should always be careful about the extreme exposure to the harmful UV sun rays. Anyway pro-vitamin D could be found at few foods and some supplements could help you to get the necessary daily doses.

3. Zinc and Iron

These metallic products are helping the growth of the hair. This fact is confirmed by many dermatologists. They are included into red meat and soybeans or lentils. Vitamin C improves and helps their digestion and absorption. Have at least two meals a week rich in zinc and iron and your hair will be healthy again.

4. Biotin

Biotin is a vitamin of the B-group of vitamins. It is necessary for hair growth and health. It could be found in eggs.  Artificial supplements could help also.

5. Proteins

Proteins are the life-source nutrients and they are one of the main cell ingredients.
As for the other human organs, the proteins are extremely necessary for normal hair growth and for healthy hair fibers.
In order to have nice and healthy hair, you should consume at least 50 grams a day of this product. Proteins could be found in many different foods, especially meat and milk products.


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