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Health Benefits of Maca – Peruvian Aphrodisiac?!

What is maca?!  It is pronounced as “ma-ka”.
This super food is a root similar to radish root and its origin is from Peru.
There it is grown almost at organic way.
It usually can be found as powder or flour.
Why the Maca is Good for You and for Your Health?
It is rich with essential minerals as potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron.
Also it is very good source of proteins. Maca improves the strength, energy and the endurance.
It is said that it decreases the stress and it improves the memory and helps at hormone balance.
Many people use it to boost fertility .
With other words – maca can turn you into the superman or superwoman.

Why the Maca is Good for You and for Your Health?

But probably the most known characteristics of maca are its abilities to improve the love life. Maca is known as aphrodisiac (someone call it “natural Viagra”). Probably this fact will challenge you to put a tablespoon of this love powder into your lover’s desert even tonight – that way you’ll become one super heroic team!

What tastes maca? It is usually described as sweet, crazy, melted and little bit bitter. Maca has many different aromas – someone says that it is like butter, as cracker or like sweet potato.  Someone doesn’t like it so they are using it at small quantities or they mix it with ingredients which have stronger aroma.

How to Use Maca?

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