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Chia Seeds And Your Health!

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds and Recipe Plus – Tasty Chia Pudding!

Salvia hispanica – it is a Latin name of the plant known as chia (chia seeds).
Its’ origins are from South Mexico and Guatemala.
Today people are using the whole seed as an excellent source for producing high quality drinks.
The chia seed is rich with Omega-3 acids.
Chia is used to produce 25-30% extracted chia oil rich with alpha-linolenic acid. 100 gr of chia seeds are containing 27 gr of fats, 15 mg sodium, 33 gr diet fibers, 4 gr proteins.
The seed satisfies 18% of daily needs of calcium, 27% of daily needs of phosphates and 30% of daily need of magnesium.

The chia seed is similar with linseed and sesame seed by its’ nutritive ingredients.
This seed could be used as a supplement at nutrition into porridge oats, as also as an additive into different types of meals and healthy drinks.

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds and Recipe Plus - Tasty Chia Pudding!)

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds:

  • Reducing the Body Weight:

Chia seed is most popular at weight loss treatments, because it reduces the absorption of the food, as a result of increasing its volume and relieving the process of faster passing food through digestive system.

  • It Helps the Satiety Feeling:

Thanks to the ability to increase the food volume for 10 times, the chia seed contributes to feeling satiety even you had eaten smaller portion.

  • Chia seed – Great Food for Athletes:

Chia seeds allow right hydration of the body which is the great choice for better body vitality.

  • It Decreases the Blood Pressure:

Numerous studies showed that this miracle seed has positive results at decreasing the blood pressure.

  • Best Source for Omega-3 Acids:

Chia seed is the greatest source of omega-3 which are essential at curing inflammatory arthritis and at the same time it is a great prevention for heart diseases. It contains more fat acids than salmon meat which was recently most known source for these acids.

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds:

  • Great Food for Diabetic Disease.

The seed increases the time needed for transformation of the carbohydrates into simple sugars.

  • Chia Seed is Easier for Consuming than the Linseed.

As we mentioned before, chia seeds can be used on different ways in preparing healthy meals and drinks. Today we have a special desert recipe with chia seeds for you:

Chia Seeds – Cocoa Pudding!

Needed ingredients:

– 1 cup of rise milk or coconut milk

– 4 spoons of chia seed

– 2 spoons of coconut flour

1-2 spoons of honey or agave syrup

– 1 spoon raw cocoa powder

fruit puree (you can use fruit by your own choice)

Chia Seeds - Cocoa Pudding!


Choose what kind of fruit you will add to this pudding and make a puree. (banana, berries, peaches or other.)  Mix all ingredients into one dish and leave them into the fridge at least for half an hour until the seed bulges.

Enjoy in this healthy pudding and don’t forget next time to put some chia seeds into your favorite smoothie mix.

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