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What are the Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Water as a Medicine?!

Water– the essential ingredient of every life form.
Drinking warm water as a medicine is known to many nations.
Japanese for example are drinking warm water at the morning at empty stomach in order to get its best cure effects.
Also the Chinese (and the Japanese too) are drinking warm water during the meals instead of cold water as the rest nations do.

Drinking cold liquids during or after a meal will fix the consumed fats into your body. It is known that faster absorption of fats into intestines is possible cancer cause.

This method has been used for centuries for treating many different diseases as pains, headaches, cardiovascular diseases and problems, brain diseases, kidney diseases and problems with kidney stones, urinary and digestive tract diseases, diarrhea, vomiting, gastritis, eye diseases, menstrual symptoms and diseases connected with increased fats level into the blood etc.

Drinking Warm Water as a Medicine in the Mornings:

  • Drinking warm water right after waking up. It should be more than half a liter of warm water to be consumed.
  • After teeth brushing you shouldn’t consume anything at the next 45 minutes.
  • It is not allowed to drink water at least for two hours after the meals.
  • If you are not in position to consume the recommended quantity of warm water than you should start with lower quantities. The recommended dose is 640ml, but you can reach this quantity by daily increasing.
  • Enjoy the energy and health that will be provided to you by this method of drinking warm water as a medicine.

Drinking Warm Water as a Medicine in the Mornings:

Drinking Warm Water as a Medicine – Diseases Treatment:

  • to heal gastritis you need to repeat the method above for 10 days.
  • to decrease the high blood pressure you will need 30 days
  • constipation – for 10 days
  • diabetes needs 30 days treatment for improvement
  • tuberculosis should be treated for 90 days
  • cancer treatment lasts 180 days

The best cure is to drink as more warm water as you can every day.

For example the arthritis suffering people should start the therapy with consuming warm water at first three days of a week and to stop and make a pause for a week. After restarting they should continue with daily consuming. There are no known unwanted side effects during this therapy.

7 Benefits of  Drinking  Warm Water as a Medicine:

1.Drinking warm water at daily basis will give you cleaner skin. It is very useful for dry skin problems and acnes.

2.Menstrual pains will disappear if you drink warm water regularly – it is the best solution to relax your muscles.

3.In order to avoid the bloating and big and painful stomach you should start with drinking warm water 30 minutes before breakfast and half an hour after the rest of the meals.

4.Your urinary tract will be thankful to you: warm water prevents the infection into this important system.

5.To improve the blood circulation and to regulate sweating and toxins removal you better start to consume warm water at a daily basis.

6.Drinking warm water is excellent metabolism and immunity booster.

7.Warm water prevents flu and colds, but it also helps to stop hiccups and it relieves the breathing at asthma symptoms.

So, you can try this very cheap method to resolve your health problems and you will feel the amazing health benefits of drinking warm water as a medicine.

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