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Healthy and Gentle Peach Temptation – You Wouldn’t Believe How Powerful and Tasty it is at the Same Time!

Resist to daily treats and daily stress with one gentle experience!
Prepare this healthy peach drink and put the guardians to be kept of diseases’ treats. Stay slim in same time.
This tasty temptation is waiting for you.
Help yourself and satisfy your thirst by natural lemonade with taste of peaches at warm days or just stay calmed in long fresh nights drinking this nectar.

The ideal joint of sweet-sour fruit flavors will get your energy back and you will ask for more and more.

Peaches Nectar


4 cups of water

– 2 cups of peaches cut into big pieces (4-5 peaches)

– 1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice (4-5 lemons)

2-3 tbsp  of honey

– 2 cups of melted ice cubes

(see the preparation on the next page)

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