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Help Reduce Your Risk of 13 Types of Cancer by Drinking This Much Coffee Every Day

When it comes to beverages, water is always best.
Fortunately, science can show benefits of other beverages, too – and we’re here to tell you just how much coffee you should be drinking for maximum benefit.
Coffee sometimes gets a bad rap, but that’s often because of contaminants.
Instead, the evidence shows that up to five cups of properly grown, harvested and roasted coffee each day can be tremendously beneficial.

In fact, as Dr. Mercola notes, the recommendations for the 2015 edition of Dietary Guidelines for Americans for the first time said Americans could safely consume up to five cups of coffee a day, or approximately 400 milligrams (mg) of caffeine, with no detrimental effects, based on all different types of evaluation, including the link between coffee and chronic diseases.

Some researchers have actually noted that coffee is the number one source of antioxidants in Americans’ diets.

But that’s not all.

Consider the five following best reasons to drink much coffee:

Help Reduce Your Risk of 13 Types of Cancer by Drinking This Much Coffee Every Day

  1. Rich in Antioxidants

As we already noted, coffee is the number one antioxidant in most Americans’ diets.

That’s saying something because there are antioxidants in lots of tasty foods and drinks!

  1. Brain Health

Coffee contains compounds that stimulate brain health and use.

It’s not just the caffeine that makes you feel more alert after a cup of joe!

  1. Weight Loss

There’s evidence that drinking coffee with or before your meal may help with weight loss – even if just because of the water consumed!

There’s also speculation that coffee may have additional benefits for increased metabolism, as well.

  1. Diabetes

Diabetes risk has been shown repeatedly to be lower in those who regularly drink a moderate (2-4 cups) amount of coffee daily.

  1. Heart Health

Coffee also helps blood circulation, which is good for your heart health.
Just make sure to drink organic, fair trade coffee – and one caveat:
Pregnant women should avoid coffee, as there are no benefits to the baby, and there is a risk of problems.
Many thanks to Dr. Mercola for the great heads-up!

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