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Her Choice: No to Chemo & Yes to Injections of This Plant – Why?

Cancer is one of the rare diseases which is very hard to be healed and treated. All known treatments are including other unwanted health and other consequences to the already existed patients. Many of patients are saying no to chemo and they are trying different alternative treatments as natural medicaments, homeopathic treatments and many other traditional and medical healing methods. However medical workers around the world are trying to find safer and more effective treatment which could fight this terrible disease.

Ivelisse Page was 37 years old mother of four kids when she was diagnosed colon cancer. She was not very surprised since her family had history of colon cancers. Actually her father died young fighting this terrible disease and since those times she knew that she has higher risk of getting cancer. After the diagnosis she had removed a big part of her colon and her liver by surgery. She continued with her healthy lifestyle and she even made it more rigorous. At that she decided to say no to chemo and she turned herself to homeopathic treatments and to one very popular European alternative method of healing cancer consequences – mistletoe injections! She succeeded to repress the cancer totally for those seven years of natural treatment and she is now one of the rare cancer patients with fourth stage of colon cancer who succeeded to survive and to beat this extremely deadly disease.

She said Yes to Mistletoe Injections and No to Chemo

Her Choice No to Chemo & Yes to Injections of This Plant - Why

It is known that standard treatment of any type of cancer included chemotherapy. But it is also very well known how bad side effects this therapy can bring to the patients. In the US there are only 50 doctors who are allowed to prescribe mistletoe injections. Since this method was not yet widely known in America there were many precautions for this treatment as from the doctors the same from the patients. It is good to be heard that nowadays this method is finding its place among the usual cancer treatments.

Actually the investigations showed that mistletoe contains viscotoxin which except its toxic properties could kill specific cells. When this substance is targeted to cancer cells it is very efficient at the process of destroying their structure. Many of patients around the world said no to chemo and choose this relatively new method to treat different kinds of cancer. It is proved that mistletoe injections are also effective at ovarian cancer cases. One study performed for almost 27 years showed that life expectancy of people treated with these injections raised about 40%!

Some European countries as Germany accepted this method as regular cancer treatment. Even some insurance companies are covering health insurance in cases of cure by mistletoe injections. But in USA this method is still under strong supervision and sanctions. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is not approving the usage of this natural medicament. Although there are many positive medical results also in US at the level of laboratory investigations of effects of this medicament yet there is still valid prohibition of usage.

At year 2011 the already mentioned Ivelisse Page founded Believe Big. It is a nonprofit foundation for educating people how to bridge the gap between conventional and alternative medicine methods at fighting cancer. This foundation also gives support at usage of mistletoe injections and they are cooperating with many medical institutions and doctors in the US. It is encouraging that since 2013 by support of this organization started clinical investigations of the effects of mistletoe injections to different kinds of cancer. It is a long term project which will take 6-8 years to get the first scientifically proven results. Since its cost is very high there are many other foundations and funds which are supporting this research.

The main goal is to think twice before accept chemotherapy or to say no to chemo  and to find a better, safer and more effective way of treating cancer.

Here it is the video of Ivelisse’s story shared in interview with ChristBeatCancer.com

Source: www.healthycures.org

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