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How this Herb Can Protect You From Harmful Cell Phone Radiation?

Excessive usage of cellphones at the same time means extreme exposure to high levels of radiation. In this way accumulated cell phone radiation can results with emergence of various types of cancer and disorders of the immunity system.
Scientific research conducted in 2011 by the International Agency for Research of Cancer (IARC) shows on close correlation between emergence of many types of cancer in humans using cell phones.
Also according to these surveys, cell phone radiation can result with changes and damages on the DNA code in humans.

Other symptoms from excessive radiation from mobile phones:

Use Rosemary Against Harmful Cell Phone Radiation

How this Herb Can Protect You From Harmful Cell Phone Radiation

Today the usages of mobile telephones is a necessary evil.

But is there a way to protect ourselves from its destructive radiation? Fortunately – Yes!

There are natural methods which helps the process of removing the radiation from the body. Such is the case with this miraculous herb – rosemary. The rosemary and the rosemary oil have powerful antioxidant properties that act in the body like defense from harmful cell phone radiation.

Rosemary acid derived from rosemary acts as a photo protector and purifies the body from free radicals. At the same time it encourages the work of endogenous defense mechanisms of the body.

How to Use Rosemary to Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation – Recipe:

Prepare tea rosemary as follows:


  • 2 cups boiling water
  • 2-3 teaspoons chopped rosemary leaves
  • lemon juice


Place the rosemary leaves into the boiled water and cover the pan. Leave the tea to stand for 10 min. Strain it and add some lemon juice.  Drink 1-2 cups of rosemary tea every day.

How to use rosemary to protect yourself from cell phone radiation - Recipe

Drink this tea regularly to protect your self from cancer and if you want to improve the result you can start by using rosemary essential oil.

Stir a little rosemary oil with coconut oil or avocado oil and massage your legs and feet. Make this procedure in the evenings before going into the bed. Massage and the scent of essential oils will relax you, while rosemary will detoxify your body of accumulated free radicals.

And on thing more – forget on “this modern best friend” before going to bed if you want to protect yourself of the harmful cell phone radiation.

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