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How This Strong Healing Mixture Cures the Worst Diseases?

Baking Soda and Honey – Strong Healing Mixture With Amazing Effects

Everyone who is researching anti-cancer treatments is wondering is it possible to find out if there is some strong healing mixture which is the efficient ally in fighting this terrible disease. It is widely known that cancer cells are feeding mostly with sugar and that is the way they are growing and spreading. From this fact it is obvious that it is strongly recommended to avoid nutritive ingredients which are containing sugar in case of this worst disease. All of us must find the right way how to avoid this cancer-causing ingredient – sugar if we want to stay healthy.
All natural anti-cancer treatments are based on the anti-sugar basis.
But there is one less known mixture that cures cancer which is containing maple syrup or honey and it is very effective! This strong healing mixture is containing baking soda as a basic ingredient. Baking soda has property to neutralize the sugar and the cancer cells will not be able to use sugar for their growth. But at the same time baking soda will enter the cancer cells thanks to the glucose contained in the maple syrup or honey and it will start to disintegrate these malignant cells.

Extra Strong Healing Mixture Recipe Against Cancer

Baking Soda and Honey - Strong Healing Mixture With Amazing Effects


  • maple syrup (or natural honey)
  • baking soda.


Mix one cup of baking soda with 3 cups of honey or maple syrup. Be sure to avoid fake honey in the preparation of this remedy. Mix them well until you got a ready mixture. Cook it for 15 minutes at a middle fire. After that this efficient anti-cancer remedy is ready for consummation.


Take three teaspoons daily over a period of one month. Avoid white flour and similar products. At the same time be careful not to consume any nutritive ingredient which is containing sugar. Help your body to fight this terrible disease at natural way! The results will appear very soon and it will help all other treatments to prevent or to fight cancer.
Via: www.naturalcuresandhomeremedies.com


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