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How To Cleanse The Lungs In Only 3 Days

Cleanse the Lungs and Prevent Respiratory Diseases

Nowadays there are many respiratory disorders caused by different factors which could cause serious health damage, so it is highly important to cleanse the lungs at natural way. Respiratory disorders could be very dangerous and serious if they are not treated at the time. But, as for many other health problems, it is always better to prevent than to heal the problem. Detoxification of your lungs and other organs of your respiratory system could be a long-lasting and hard process and it is not always followed by wanted results. One of the best ways to cleanse the lungs is a natural way of detoxification combined with special diet and consummation of natural beverages.

6 Steps Natural Treatment to Detox Your Lungs

How To Cleanse The Lungs Naturally

Step 1: Forget about all dairy food products at your diet! It is proven that dairy products are containing substances which are harmful for diseased lungs, although they are nutritive and useful for other body functions.

Step 2: Consume lemon juice before breakfast and drink a cup of natural herbal tea before bedtime in the evenings. Lemon juice possesses extreme detox properties and it will help to cleanse the lungs sooner. Just add the juice of 2 squeezed lemons at 300ml of warm water and drink it before your first meal. Herbal teas of all kinds are also containing cleansing substances which will support your lung cleaning process.

Step 3: Daily consumption of at least 350 ml of grapefruit or pineapple natural juice. It is widely known that these fruits are containing strong natural antioxidants which are extremely useful for your whole body.

Step 4: Keep your blood alkalized and strong during this treatment. Alkalized blood – free of acids will help your cells to work more efficiently and to get rid of toxins sooner. Drinking 300ml of carrot juice between breakfast and lunch will make fine alkali environment for your blood cells.

Step 5: These antibacterial treatment and support are also very important and necessary during this process of lung revitalization. Potassium contained in different fruits and vegetables will support your immune and anti-bacterial system. Drink 400ml of potassium-rich juice at the lunchtime to be resistant to bacterial and other viral attacks.

Step 6: Cranberry juice consumption will improve your anti-infection resistance very quickly. Drink about 350ml of this juice during this 72 hours treatment to cleanse the lungs more efficient.

It is also very important to do some exercises (without overloading your lungs function) in order to get rid of toxins through your sweat.

Sometimes the steam bath with eucalyptus oil for 15-20 minutes during these 3 days is recommended to speed up the detoxification.
If you are determined to cleanse the lungs it is strictly forbidden to smoke cigarettes and to consume alcohol during this regime.
Many results showed that detoxification of your lungs is very efficient using this method and it is done at least 3 days.
Article source: www.curejoy.com

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