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How to Cure Bladder Infections Naturally?

Bladder – Our Health Keeper
The bladder is one of the most exposed parts of human body to infections and pains.
These problems are experienced by older people and there is a big percent of elder population which is suffering bladder health problems.
Swollen bladder can be a reason of many unpleasant symptoms as pain, urination problems etc.
One of the most known symptoms of infected bladder is so called Interstitial Cystitis (IC).

These problems should be treated medically or by using some natural remedies and practices depending on difficulty of the health problem.

Seven Helpful Ways to Cure Bladder Infections

There are many natural ways to treat or to prevent the bladder inflammation, but here are following the most effective ones:

1. Consummation of Green Tea

Green tea is rich in catechins which are protecting bladder of inflammations and infections and they are very successful at doing this function.

There are many studies which are confirming green tea as excellent natural remedy to cure bladder infections.

2. Arginine Consummation

Arginine is an amino acid which is base for production of nitric oxide at human bodies. It is used for relaxing the smooth muscles of the bladder.

Foods rich with arginine: eggs, spinach, seafood, nuts and whole grains.

How to Cure Bladder Infections Naturally

3. Quercetin Intake

It is a flavonoid and it has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It is very useful for reducing IC symptoms.

Foods high in quercetin: elderberries, red onion, white onion, cranberry, green hot pepper, red apples, kale, blueberries, pears and spinach.

4. Change Your Daily Diet

This is very important step to get really healthy bladder. Some foods are having very bad influence at bladder’s health. If you eliminate them or reduce them at your diet then it is very easy to reduce your bladder health problems.

The list of “forbidden” food is the following: spicy food, chocolates and candies, coffee, vinegar, alcohol, caffeine drinks etc.

5. Glycosaminoglycans Usage

These substances are actually polysaccharides (carbohydrates). The deficiency of these substances at bladder’s inner surface could lead to IC or other inflammations. Medical studies showed that these mucopolysaccharides are very efficient to cure bladder infections.

6. Train Your Bladder

It is recommended by doctors for people who are suffering bladder problems to go to the bathroom at certain time and not to wait until they get signal from the bladder. Extension of the period between two discharges of your bladder should improve its’ endurance. It is also recommended to use some deep breathing and other relaxation exercises which could help you to reach this stadium.

7. Change Your Daily Routine

It is very important to reduce or to eliminate some daily routines which are harmful for your bladder health. It is essential to reduce the stress situations, to avoid the tight clothes and belts, to practice light exercises etc.

Smoking, alcohol consummation or similar irritating products are strictly forbidden to be used.

And most important is to prevent than to cure bladder infections.

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